Guava is a fruit with an amazing flavour. It has its unique taste as well as a smell. The middle part of this fruit is mainly a red or white coloured filling with seeds. The outer part is most probably a green coloured one. But in some species, we can see a yellow or red colour outer part. Not as other fruits, we do not need to peel it off when eating this oval-shaped tasty fruit. It helps in absorption of nutrients in that green part also. But, do you believe that this is the only nutritious part in guava tree? No! The leaves also having important features for your body. It has studied under guava health benefits by using a number of studies worldwide. The purpose of this writing is to inform you about the actual importance of its in order to increase its usage. Hence, it will become a cost-effective treatment for most of the problems in your body.

Do guava health benefits under-researched?

The Psidium guava L is a widely used ingredient in traditional medicine in most of the countries. But, it has not researched for long regarding its health benefits. However, now the situation has changed and this is a popular research field. If one of researcher could scientifically prove its beneficence its good for all the people worldwide. The guava is a small tree an easy to cultivate in most of the regions. If it is grown under required conditions, it is a leafy tree. Hence, it is easy to harvest those for use of medicinal purposes.

5 best guava health benefits for your body

  1. Guava for dengue fever

This belief is coming with traditional medicine. But, this has proven by scientific studies up to some extent. The biggest matter with dengue fever is the reduction of platelet count. The boiled mixture of these leaves has an amazing effect to increase the platelet levels in your body. It is recommended to use it daily for a trice. Not only leaves, but the fruit also has an effect on this. Hence, have at least one guava within a week to keep your health.

  1. The best treatment for gastrointestinal disturbances

The guava is widely used in treating GI track disturbances such as diarrhoea, gastritis and digestion problems. The antibacterial properties of this amazing natural creature will help you to maintain proper functions of the stomach.

  1. No more toothaches for guava lovers

Are you suffering from an unbearable toothache? Just, keep a paste of guava leaves in the aching area. You will feel better within a few minutes.

  1. Promote wound healing

This has effective anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. Hence, it will definitely help you to fight with chronic and acute wounds, abrasions and inflammation.

  1. Effective in lung conditions

The unique smell of guava is because of the chemical substitution of it. Those chemicals effective in releasing secretions that are accumulated inside your lung tissues. Hence, you can use this as a treatment for chronic bronchitis.

The comments for further readings

We have provided you with the best guidelines to use guava. It is important to know the guava health benefits before going to use its products available in the market. Keep engaging with our next writings to know more about those.