Fixing eyelashes extension has over time become a professional job, the reason for this is because lash extensions do not come in strips, they are rather super customizable and actually look real. Eyelashes help ladies add to their beauty, they have the capacity to keep it for up to six weeks before it will naturally begin to fade. It’s a beauty trend that can never go out of fashion making it an evergreen real game changer. When fixed for you they will make your eyes appear and feel so much bigger and then you begin to feel boujee.  Don’t be surprised that feeling boujee is one of the major reasons why eyelash extensions have become so popular within a few years of its existence. Here are some of the steps you need to understand about fixing eyelashes and the best ways to go about them because fixing it (eyelashes) is one of the most addictive appointments you can find out there.

Eyelash basics

There are different ways to go about fixing eyelashes, it is much more meticulous compared to the glueing a strip of falsies to your lash lines. Visiting a technician who specializes on how to fix an eyelash and educate you on the one that is suitable for your eye lines. There are different options to it; although it comprises the use of fibre (this fibre is made of silk, synthetic and faux-mink), length and curl type but most salons most especially the standard ones their clients a menu that will help know the kind of lash extension suitable for your aestheticism. 

It’s not cheap: getting a suitable eyelash for yourself is not cheap and require regular maintenance. The cheapest one you can get is priced between $150 to $250. As earlier explained, the eyelashes for an average of 2 weeks depending on how much you care to maintain them. You should expect that it falls out every week so you have to keep going back to your technician for regular ins which is an extra cost of between $60 to $165 depending on the number of lashes you want to replace. What thing you need to understand is that, at the first stage you need a certain amount to do the first fixing; secondly you need to visit your technician once in a week to add-ins which is a process of maintaining it but if you delay and there seem to be a need for more ins than normal. You may have to remove the other ones in place and start with new ones which are no doubt expensive.

Makeup: avoid going for eyelash extension when you have already done your make up. Makeup is of different categories but the most common ones that you should stay away from are eyeliner, mascara, and eye shadow. They tend to pose a threat to the outcome of the extensions if done before an eyelash extension.

Best Eyelash Extensions

Best eyelash extensions

Obviously, you have a lot to risk if only you don’t follow the right process in the process of trying to fix an extension or let’s say if you don’t pay the required fee for a good eyelash extension. A good one is pricey and it depends on the salon you have chosen to help you with it. Without out minding the cost of getting it done, a good technician is supposed to guide you on the best one that will bring out your beauty, they will also help you to choose the best material for your eyes. But the most common and recommended extensions is silk and faux mink.

How you would feel when you are done fixing and eyelash extension

An eyelash is not a natural part of your body, even if you are a regular user. You will still need between a day or two before you can get used to the feeling of wearing eyelash extensions. The extensions will be disturbing your sleeping positions except you are a back sleeper but if you are the type that always sleeps by your side. You will easily lose them because they can easily off in the process.       

The danger of fixing an eyelash

Even as there is more to gain when you put on an eyelash extension, it also has its own repercussions. Repercussions do not mean doing it is dangerous but what you need to understand that fake eyelashes extension materials exist. Note that after fixing an eyelash you need to be extraordinarily careful with the way you handle your face particularly if you don’t want to lose your eyes. You need to be careful if you are looking to apply other makeup such that it will not get to the areas of the eyes to prevent the extensions from falling off or actually entering the eyes.

Another danger you will need to manage is that you are bound to face allergic reactions. Fixing the lashes requires the use of glue, some among this glues has adhesives is capable of causing great allergic reactions which can eventually result in oozing and crusting.

How to avoid eyelash extension complications

The only and best way to avoid eyelash extension complications is to avoid fixing it or you make it an occasional treat. Experts say if you are dying to get an extension use a fuller thicker lash with mascara.

The 10 Best eyelash extensions for beautiful ladies…

Scala individual

The eyelashes produced by Borderline is categorized under the name of scala. This one of high-quality product available in the market to avail really a finished and natural look for women who cares about their glowing beauty.


The eyelash extensions should highlight the women beauty but hide artificial appearance. So, this is the best choice for them. Properly sticking glue base of these extensions may provide the maximum happiness throughout the day.

Scala pro granting 3D pro

This is one of the excellent products by scala itself. It will highlight your eyes with advanced 3D effects. So, you can add all three-dimensional talkative smile with bright looking eyes. Further, since it is cheap in price when compared to the quality, you have all the comfort to use it without burning your pocket.


The women who love to have a real evening party look with shining silky lashes this is one excellent option. It offers a shiny party look to make you beautiful at a party.

3D mink Fur

Here also the producers have paid attention to offer best 3D look with thick and mink texture. Hence, it will ideally work for brides who wish to have a perfect outlook.

Premade lash volume extensions

If your loved ones attracting for fully look in your eyes, you can select this type of lashes from the market. It will add extra volume to your eyes with three ranges of thickness values.


The pre fanned lashes with five-dimensional specifications will highlight your eyes for a glamorous look at a party. So, buying a tray of it will ease off your makeup time.

Fabu lashes

The real matte look and the D curls of this product are perfect for a natural makeup style. Since the price range is bearable for pockets, you can use this as a daily solution.


Waterproof technology used in this lashes will provide confidence to use it for any location. Further, the long-lasting perfect grip and the curls will also help you for a complete end result.


The pure soft and silky lashes of this product will offer you a risk-free application with healthy stick bases. The advanced design will enhance the complete look and volume of your eyes with curved pieces in it. So, if you still did not try it, experience it at least once to feel the difference.


Eyelash extension is primarily done by ladies with the sole reason of looking good. There is no doubt that ladies love to look good and they don’t mind whatever amount it will cost them to have a good look. Eyelash extension is one of the factors considered good for them although it is not both the money involved and fixing process is not easy to go by. However, ladies are advised to take time and follow the necessary process once it is fixed as it can lead to permanent lash damage.