Kia Stinger GT in red

The automobile market in Australia has gone through multiple transitions as we have seen many entrants step into the sphere. American and European manufacturers, along with traditional Japanese brands, have been creating news with their quality vehicles. 

Japan carmakers did put up a fight against Western rivals, but the class and innovation of brands coming from the West were too good to parallel. However, Kia, a brand originating from Korea, might just have pulled a surprise with Stinger. 

Kia, which isn’t entirely known for innovation and sporty designs, has come out with a master vehicle in Stinger GT. The vehicle comes with the age-old class of Korean cars, with innovative features that make it stand out. 

In this article, we look at a few things we like about the Kia Stinger. You can run through this article to find the most likeable features of the car or read this in-depth review of the Kia Stinger to find out more. 

Sporty Look 

The Kia Stinger comes with a sporty look, which may feel like it comes straight out of a video game. Realizing the need for aesthetic exteriors and cute features, both Japanese and Korean manufacturers have now started coming out with interesting vehicles.

The Kia Stinger is the kind of vehicle that car gearheads would love to drive on the roads. The sedan comes with excellent innovation, which looks nothing like your typical South Korean vehicle. The Stinger GT also packs a punch with its curvy exterior, which excels on all the right counts. 

Excellent Interior 

The interior is where the Kia Stinger actually stands out. If you thought the exterior is sporty and aesthetic, wait till you rest your eyes on the interior. The Kia Stinger has journeyed a long way and boasts of excellent features, which can combat any mid-range Western vehicle. 

The entertainment system of the Stinger is at par with those found in German cars and provides a quality experience to meet your needs. 

Quality Components 

Kia has worked relentlessly during the last 20 years to produce vehicles that provide quality experiences to middle income buyers. The interior and exterior of the Kia Stinger are both gorgeous and boast of quality components.  

The car comes equipped with all necessary bells and whistles and provides users with a good bang for its buck. The price of the Stinger isn’t much, which is why the quality output feels good and exciting. 

When it comes to quality features, the large intercooler, the 19 inch rims, the infamous Brembo brake pads and the high-quality leather seats make for a decent experience. 

Powerful Engine 

The Kia Stinger follows the trends set by the Kia Sorento to provide excellent engine power. Not all variants for the Stinger are the same, as you will find a powerful 2.5L four-cylinder engine in the GT Line. This engine is turbocharged and can rev up to 5,800 rpm. The power generated by the engine is effectively transferred to the wheels through an eight-speed auto transmission mechanism. 

The figures are exemplary for a four-cylinder engine, knowing that Kia hasn’t always played with power for the local consumer. 

All Wheel Drive 

The Kia Stinger is one of the best Korean cars available in the market today. The vehicle comes with an all wheel drive, which makes it smooth on the roads, with excellent braking and drifting power. 

The Stinger gets its power and energy from the drive train, as both RWD and FWDs have been ditched for an overall AWD design. The drive train is one that most users want to see on a car with a sporty look and a nice feel on the roads. The Stinger is a pleasure to drive on curvy roads, as it grips the road hard. 

Family Oriented

By now, we wouldn’t be mistaken to assume that you think of the Stinger GT as a racing car, without family friendly features. The Stinger GT may have design features deemed necessary for tearing the cracks, but it also comes with some family friendly features. Users today expect more than just a cloth seat and plastic console, which is why Kia has put in a set of family-friendly features. 

The vehicle has significant leg space, comfortable seats and a perfect design for family trips. The cargo space at the bag is also sufficient for a traveling family as well. 

The Stinger is an amazing addition to the Kia family and broadens the product portfolio for their consumers. Stinger GT is the luxury sports sedan that gives you a quality experience without breaking your bank.