Babata Namak Sinhala – Babata Lassana Namak

Babata Namak Sinhala


Once you become a new mother, there are so many considerable factors to think about your child. Actually, he or she is your elder child and you wish to have all the donations from God for your baby. This is the nature of the motherhood. So, you may concern too much when selecting a name for a newborn which is mentioning in Sinhalese as “Babata namak”. Yes, it is a must. Because it is the future identification of him. So, if you fail to select the ideal option for this, your child will face discomfort with advancing age. Hence, definitely, the name should be an identical one to show someone’s personality. If I say, it is your image visible in a mirror, there is no wrong.

How to select a name for a newborn ( Babata namak)?

When you read all of the facts mentioning in the above description, you might feel it is so interesting to find out ways to select a name for your newborn baby. Basically, this depends on parents interest. However, sometimes, the astrological facts also come to the place. So, most of the grannies are thinking the best way to select a name for their grandchildren is following astrology.

But, modern methods have a few changes than those ancient beliefs. So, probably they will suggest initial letters instead of giving whole names. Since the parents are the decision maker here, this is actually a nice practice. Hence, the mom can follow the names given in this book to select the perfect names for their baby. If you feel those are not interesting, still you have chances to find for the names which are owing to the most popular peoples in the world. However, it is important to care not to follow the same words as it is. If so, sometimes, it can become a cause for negligence by society.

Popular myths about selecting a “babata namak”

  • It is must to follow an astrologer

Even though this is a tradition comes from ancient practice, it is not mandatory. But, they will analyse suspicious twenty-seven characters along with lagna and birth date to come into one conclusion about the ideal letters for the name.

  • Name is not a significant thing for a baby

No! It is not so. Once you select an ideal name, there is a chance to go for higher ranks due to the simple pronunciation of it.

  • The modern method is using only the selected names, but not the parent’s name!

Not at all. The parent’s name is the expression about your family history. So, never think to practice this other than it is a traditional practice.

The outline

The birth of a baby is happy news for the parents and also both the families. However, just after receiving this news, they all think about suggesting a name for a newborn. Actually, most of the sinhala mothers are working too much to find out this by surfing as “babata namak“! So, here we discussed a few important facts to select an ideal name for your baby along with a book with suggested names.

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  1. ච ජ අකුරු වලින් දුවෙක්ට නම් ටිකක් කියන්නකෝ තේරුමත් එක්ක

  2. Sir, ජු. ජේ. පෝ. ෂ. යන අකුරැ වලින් තේරුම් සහිත නම් කිහිපයක් දැනගන්න පුලුවන්ද? ස්තූතියි.

  3. ඔ , ව , ඉ ,වෙ ,වො , ක, කු මෙ අකුරු වලින් පුතෙකුට නමක් අවශ්‍යයි

  4. දුවෙකුට අර්ථවත් නමක් ⁣කියන්නකෝ
    ⁣කියන්නකෝ.විශේෂ වු අකුරැ නැත.

    • කාව්‍යා නිර්මාණී

      කාව්‍යා – කවි ලියන්නී
      නිර්මාණී – නිර්මාණශීලී ලඳ

  5. අකුරු 2හි නම් ටිකක් දාන්න පුලුවන්ද දුවෙකුට..

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