Are you ready to see man’s best friend in a whole new light?

Sure, dogs are cute and cuddly, but did you know they’re also some of the most exciting animals on the planet? From being in touch with their ancestors to alerting owners to medical problems, dogs are anything but normal!

What are 5 shocking facts about dogs you don’t already know? Read on to find out!

1. Dogs Are Fast Movers

Did you know that the fastest moving land animal on Earth is the greyhound? Greyhounds can reach impressive speeds of 45 mph and counting.

Dog bodies are specially designed to handle fast speeds. For instance, dogs have developed deep chests to contain larger lungs than their feline counterparts. 

2. Facts About Service Dogs

Moving on, let’s look at some facts about service dogs. Did you know some dogs can smell medical conditions? Certain dogs can even smell cancer. It’s no wonder American Service Pets are so highly sought after.

All dogs have a surplus of scent glands, way more than humans. Not only that, but they have a section in their brain just for processing smells!

3. Domesticated Dogs Have a Wild Side

Chewing is a natural behavior for dogs since they like to explore their environment by putting things in their mouth, similar to cats. But many domesticated breeds love chewing on sticks and wood, which is an instinct shared with wild dogs! It may be because the wood and sticks feel just like prey, or perhaps it’s because chewing on them can help maintain sharp teeth for catching animals.

4. The First Dogs Were Big

Last, on our list of cool dog facts, let’s talk about size. It’s been said that the first domesticated dogs came from wolves, but if you’re picturing a tiny Chihuahua, think again. It’s thought the first domestic dogs may have been as big as Newfoundlands or Irish Wolfhounds!

5. Dogs May Howl for a Reason

Finally, on our list of facts about dogs, let’s talk about howling! When you think of howling, wolves come to mind, not your pet dog. But there was a time when dogs and wolves were the same beings.

In those days, they had to find a way of communicating with each other, without risking injury from a pack member’s natural predator. That’s why some believe that howling is a holdover from those times, as it serves no real purpose in the dog’s current environment. 

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What’s 1 new thing you learned about dogs today? Were you shocked to find out dogs can smell certain types of sickness? How about how canines can be in touch with their wild side, even though they’re domestic!

So the next time you’re feeling down, remember this list of fun facts about dogs. Your dog is keeping a lot of history and fascinating facts about their species alive. You can also share the facts you learned today with a fellow dog lover; they’ll be so glad you did.

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