If you’re eager to fast-forward to spring (or maybe summer), you should binge-watch gardening shows right now. Even if you’re stuck inside during a deep freeze, take time to relax and indulge in someone else’s beautiful garden. It might get you thinking about spring.

Whether you want inspiration to enhance your own garden when the weather warms up, need practical tips to solve your backyard problems, or simply want to enjoy some all-natural eye candy, there’s a gardening show, available on Amazon Fire Stick, that perfectly fits your needs.

Amazon Fire Stick

#1 Big Dreams, Small Spaces

You should watch the show “Big Dreams, Small Spaces” hosted by Monty Don, a renowned horticulturist in England. This gardening reality TV series follows Monty as he assists gardeners in transforming their unattractive outdoor spaces into lush paradises. But don’t be fooled, the show is anything but boring. Witnessing Monty Don collaborate with gardeners to create stunning gardens is truly captivating. Both Monty and the gardeners demonstrate genuine passion and perseverance.

#2 Gardeners’ World

Finish every episode of this beloved gardening advice show from BBC feeling inspired to get your hands dirty. Upgrade your patio garden or gain insight into growing an herb garden, as there’s something for everyone.

While you’re looking for home gardening tips and gardening show inspiration, you may be missing one important issue: safety. You may not have thought about it, but secure streaming is not a given. Whether you’re looking for online entertainment or practical tips, Amazon Fire Stick VPN will help you stay safe online. If it’s not obvious to you how to use a VPN on Amazon Fire Stick, you can use the link above.

#3 Backyard Envy

Join the exciting world of Backyard Envy where you’ll witness the talented crew from Manscapers as they transform ordinary outdoor spaces into extraordinary ones. Follow along as this team of best friends, business partners, and designers work against the clock, utilizing limited resources to exceed their client’s expectations. Be captivated by their ever-expanding client base and their relentless pursuit of excellence. Can they complete their ongoing projects for their boutique landscaping firm? Tune in to Backyard Envy to find out all the thrilling details – you won’t be disappointed!

#4 Martha Knows Best

You can find an abundance of gardening tips and tricks for planting, harvesting, and efficient garden produce. Additionally, get a sneak peek into Martha’s incredible quarantine life on her beautiful farm, where she spends time with her well-known pals. You can watch the show on Discovery+. If it is not available in your region, download a VPN for Chrome or another browser. You can switch to another region and unblock any show.

#5 Yard Crashers

You’ll be filled with yard envy as you shop at home improvement stores. You’ll get quite the surprise when landscapers announce that they’ll be renovating your outdoor spaces. Hosted by Chris Lambton and originally on the DIY network, this show will quickly become one of your favorites. Watch these exciting makeovers come to life!

#6 The Gardener

Sebastien Chabot directs a remarkable documentary on Cabot Gardens (Les Quatre Vents), highlighting the captivating beauty of this private garden that has thrived for over three generations and 75 years. The documentary showcases how Frank Cabot transformed this enchanting and exquisite garden into a 21st-century masterpiece.

#7 The Instant Gardener

Amazon Fire Stick

You can find The Instant Gardener, one of the top gardening documentaries on Amazon Prime, featuring Helen Skelton as the presenter and Danny Clarke as the garden/yard designer. In each episode, Danny and his team work tirelessly to transform neglected gardens in South London into stunning cottage gardens in just one day. This show has brought immense benefits to numerous individuals, including seniors, children, and residents whose gardens have been impacted by natural disasters. If you are in search of inspiration, you can imitate the beautiful renovating designs created by Danny Clarke.

#8 Ground Force

If you’re a fan of gardening, get ready for a show called Ground Force. This British TV series follows a team of landscapers, gardeners, and designers as they join forces to transform a lucky family’s garden. Within just two days, they surprise the homeowners with a stunning makeover. After the series, there are even segments called Ground Force Revisited, where the hosts and team return to previously transformed gardens to see how the homeowners maintain them.


You don’t have to figure it all out yourself because expert gardeners have already done much of the work. They spent a lot of time optimizing and implementing ideas. Why do this work again if they are kind enough to share the results of their labors?