Best CRM for roofing contractors

Is a CRM going to help you operate more efficiently? A customer relationship management (CRM) system is a key business tool for many roofing replacement enterprises in order to improve their bottom line. Roofing sales, marketing, and productivity will be covered in a brief overview of CRM solutions in this short tutorial.

What exactly is a CRM?

Specialized software simplifies essential company activities into a single system. Generally, a CRM has the following features and benefits:

  • Productivity and management feature such as project management, work order calendars, roofing sales team management, and safety training documentation is included.
  • Customers’ emails and surveys may be used as part of a framework for building and retaining client loyalty.
  • You and your team will be able to make better business choices with the help of our reporting and analytics tools.

Roofing firms, like other small to medium-sized enterprises, have a wide range of CRM choices to select from. Roofing contractors commonly make use of the following three software platforms:

1. Salesforce

Using this CRM, you’ll be able to handle everything from customer support to sales to marketing to analytics in one place. Users may further simplify business operations by creating their own Salesforce applications or leveraging prebuilt apps from reputable third-party developers. Using the cloud, all data can be accessed and handled from the office or on the construction site.

Salesforce has been utilized by the Equipter team to improve customer service. In Josh Beiler’s opinion, Salesforce is a great tool because of its flexibility, ability to manage various sales people, and ease of use on mobile devices. Also, Josh claims that the platform allows Equipter’s sales and marketing activities to be more efficient and effective.

2. AccuLynx

Project planning and scheduling, real-time communication, labor scheduling, and document access are just a few of the features included in this CRM platform designed specifically for contractors. Direct supplier ordering from numerous major contracting suppliers is available through QuickBooks integration and may be done from any device. Additionally, you may use AccuLynx’s mobile app to handle projects and sales while out in the field.

3. Dataforma

For the roofing business, this CRM software was particularly designed. Employee training and documentation is included, as well as facilities for managing work orders and warranties. Additionally, Dataforma’s system is customizable, enabling users to alter many aspects of the system. Project managers, foremen, and others may check on the progress of a project while on the job with the use of a mobile app.

4. Field complete

Your roofing company will function smoothly with the finest CRM for roofing firms. Field Complete’s user-friendly design keeps you focused on the task at hand. All the information you need, with no confusion or lost effort. In order to streamline operations, you need to have access to information that is easy to grasp so that you may decide on necessary contractor changes with confidence. In addition, Field complete roofing software free to use!

The finest CRM for your contracting firm 

Only you and your team can decide what’s best for your company. Find out which CRM systems your roofing colleagues prefer by chatting with them. Take a look at user evaluations online and take advantage of free trials and demonstrations if they are offered. Consider the cost of the product or service as well. Expect to pay a monthly cost depending on elements such as product features or the number of users, however, this might vary widely. CRM that need a one-time activation charge is rare, although they do exist.