Bitcoin Vs Dollar : Who Wins The Battle

Earlier, during ancient times, people used precious metals as a medium of exchange. Fiat currencies were introduced to implement a uniform form of exchange where people can use such currencies issued by their government to buy goods and investing in Bitcoin. Bitcoin is a new-edge currency that is available in digital form and it has launched in 2009 by Nakamoto. He introduced this coin in the market during economic inflation, and he intended to introduce an alternative traditional banking system, as the banking system was largely responsible for this inflation during 2009. 

It is known as digital currency, but experts always recommended to treat your bitcoins as an investment option.. It is a paper currency that has several denominations. For example, you can use dollar in count or number like $1, $2, $3 etc. It is regulated and issued by the central bank and the U.S. government, and bitcoin is a decentralized currency that cannot be issued or controlled by any central bank or government. 

Ever since there has been a rise in the crypto world, we are talking about its sustenance in the future. There are many supporters of crypto while there are others who believe that it is a bubble that will soon burst. 

Difference Between Dollar and Bitcoins: 

  • Dollar is a paper currency and you can touch or hold it. You can store your currency in your wallet and use it anywhere. But bitcoin is not available in any physical form and you cannot touch or hold it in your hands. You need to use a digital wallet to store your BTC. Bitcoin can be used online only, and you can use your wallet in selected retail stores to pay your bills through bitcoin, and you can make such payments via wallet only. 
  • Dollar is a centralized currency that is regulated and controlled by the central bank of the US, and it is backed by the US government. It is a legal tender and you can use it for anything. Apart from that, you can use your fiat currency for fund transfer, cross-border transactions and banking transactions. In the case of bitcoin, government or central banks cannot control it from anywhere, and it is completely decentralized. Bitcoin production is done by miners where they have to solve some computing puzzles to add a node to the BTC blockchain and they have to verify the transactions with bitcoin to add such blocks. 
  • If you use your dollar for online transactions then your transactions will be processed by your bank, which is a centralized authority. In the case of bitcoins, you do not need to rely on a bank to make a transaction with bitcoin, and you can send your funds to another BTC user directly from your wallet or crypto exchange account. 
  • When we talk in context with the conventional payment platforms, then it works efficiently, but one ends up paying a charge for transactions. This becomes problematic when we talk in context with the cross-border transactions.  Apart from that, you need to wait for three to five days to complete a transaction with fiat currency, in case you want to send your money to a foreign account. You can send your money to a foreign account within a few minutes with bitcoins. You do not need to wait for a few days to validate your transaction by your bank and third-party payment services. 
  • Bitcoin exchanges are open 24×7 and you can use such exchange to trade bitcoin from anywhere. You can consider it as a digital asset that can provide a huge return in future. If you store your dollar or fiat currency in your locker then you cannot get a huge return from your fiat currency. You can invest your fiat currency in a stock or bond, and you can lose your funds due to fluctuation of stock market. The value of fiat currency can be dropped for various reasons and can be controlled by government and political parties. You can avoid such problems of economic inflation by investing your funds in bitcoins. 

Closing thoughts

You can directly invest your funds in bitcoins through a crypto exchange and you can earn a huge profit from your investment.