The black seed is the seed of the Nigella Sativa plant. People call this plant by different names Black seeds have many uses. Here we talk about why you should use black seed oil for lips.

Benefits you can get by using black seed oil for lips

Lips take a special place in beauty. Lips even create personalities. Like any other body, part lips can sometimes cause problems. The most common reasons are biting your lips, burning them with hot foods. But black seed oil can cure most problems.

1. Regenerate the skin of lips

Lips getting damaged for many reasons. Pollution, dust, and son are a few of them. Damaged lips are looking awful. The lips are discolored in some places and dry.

The black seed oil contains vitamin A, amino acids, and fatty acids. They nourish the lips and collaborate to regenerate skin cells. 

2. Can get its radiant color

There is a reason for our lips to take a different color than our skin. That is forget protected against the sun. Lip decoloring has the same causes as lip damaging. Declared lips can give you many problems.

Black seed oil can fix your lips and get its radiant color very easily because of the vitamins and other chemical properties in it.

3. Cure oral ulcerations

Oral ulceration is an oral lesion that is a loss or erosion of the delicate tissues of the mouth. Mostly because of lip bite. Look like a single irregular ulcer. This is painful. Eating and drinking may be difficult after this infection. Apart from lip biting, there are other reasons for this such as Slipping while brushing, the constant rubbing against misaligned or sharp teeth, constant rubbing against dentures or braces, burns from hot food and drinks, and Irritation from a mouthwash.

Scientists found black seed oil shows a good effect against oral ulcerations. A rabbit experiment using Nigella Sativa proved this. In that case, rabbits were injected with formalin in the cheek mucosa of the rabbits. A topical application of NS is applied twice a day. The animals were sacrificed on the 5th day, and their cheek mucosae were histologically surprisingly examined.

4. Cure oral mucositis

Oral mucositis is another major disease of the lips. The tissue in the mouth is swelling when this happens. There is the main reason for oral mucositis is the side effects of chemotherapy and radiotherapy. Sometimes cancer treatments rapidly divided epithelial cells lining the gastrointestinal tract, leaving the mucosal tissue open to ulceration and infection.

Researchers conducted tests to see if black seed oil can cure this. In that case, male albino rats were divided randomly into 3 groups which are controlled, untreated, and treated. They induced mucositis in rats by injecting an intraperitoneal injection of 5 fluorouracil. Black seed oil decreased the histologically observed damage of the cheek mucosa in the mucositis model. 

Black seed oil

How to treat your lips with black seed oil at home

As mentioned above, lips take a special place in beauty and so on lips can get damaged by pollution and sun. Black seed oil can restore damaged lips and give a natural color. Here is how to treat lips with black seed oil.

Put on black seed oil and lemon balm on lips

You can buy lemon balm with black seed oil. This is a specific product for lips. These two herbals are extracts with a prestigious wealth. Black seed oil and lemon both have powerful naturally-occurring anti-viral, anti-bacterial, and soothing properties. Scientific evidence showing those have positive effects on lips.

How to use:-

This natural remedy is very easy. 

  1. First, you must clear your lips with water
  2. Then wipe off the water with a tissue or a towel.
  3. Just like a normal bam take a bit to your fingers and put it on your lips.

Make a lips scrub

You will need:-  sugar and black seed oil

How to do:-

  1. After you found them put 2 drops of oil in a pinch of sugar
  2. Scrub the lips with it for a minute or two. 
  3. Next, wipe off with a tissue or towel
  4. And afterward, apply Black Seed Oil on lips as your lip balm or lip oil 

Doing this daily can give you a good result.

Is it worth using black seed oil for lips?

Many people are now turning to natural remedies. The world health organization (WHO) is concerned about this. Herbs have fewer side effects compared to chemicals. They are usually cheap. Herbs can be arranged in different ways. The most important thing is sometimes herbs work better than chemicals.

Lips are very sensitive compared to other parts of the face. So using natural oil instead of a chemical is better. The black seed oil contains antioxidants. It also has antibiotic chemicals. Using this oil is very safe. Price around  $ 25. It is not a lot. So if you can get a result like this for so little money why do not give it a try.

The Bottom line

I guess you are well aware of using black seed oil for lips now. We covered a big area including common lip problems and how to cure them with the power of the black seed. Our goal is to promote natural medicine. We have many other articles related to black seed oil. Check them out.