Bringing a Cat Home

Bringing home a pet is a huge responsibility. First, you should know what type of pet you are bringing home because a parrot has different needs from a dog. Therefore, you should do specific research for the kind of animal you are thinking of bringing home.

In this article, we are unpacking the details on what you should do when you bring a cat home. If you are a first-time owner or already have a cat of your own, there is something for everyone to learn. Keep reading to find out more!


Make sure you stock up on cat supplies. Get everything a cat needs, from basic shower shampoo and conditioner to medical aid to flea and tick prevention. Tick shampoo is essential to have on hand, especially during the summer when there is a higher probability of a tick clinging onto your cat’s thick fur coat. Just be sure to also check your cat’s fur a couple of times throughout the week to make sure it has not picked up anything.


Cats need a place they can call their own, just like we need our own space. Therefore, you should give your cat its own room. At least for the first few days, while you are setting things up, you should organize either a free room or, worst-case scenario, even the laundry room would suffice.

Cats are extremely territorial, especially for the first few days; your cat will be uneasy given the new living arrangement. So be aware that it may take some time for your cat to get comfortable truly and at ease- do not take it personally.



Get cat food– this is just basic survival 101. Do not get home without cat food. Also, your leftover tuna, while tempting to lay it out for your cat- you do not want to constantly give it human food. Instead, you should aim to give it nutrient-dense food available at the store. Besides, you want to ensure that your cat grows a thick and shiny fur coat. This is achievable by giving your cat the high-quality food that it deserves.

Scratchy Patchy

Now you will have to come to terms with the fact that cats love to scratch on things. No, it is not to make you made. Cats love to play with toys, which can sometimes include momentary scratching things to stimulate their minds mentally. So, if you do not want your couches to be affected, then assign your cat a room where it can scratch on. Preferably a place with the least number of valuables in it- preventing heartache is a clever idea, especially where rare items are concerned.


Yes, you read that right. You need to groom your cat’s hair. Now, you do not need to be a certified groomer to know how to comb your cat’s fur. However, buy one that is high quality because this can affect the appearance of your cat’s fur. Therefore, you must choose this one wisely. Also, if you need some more options on the variety of food, read here.


It is best you purchase a cat family tree. This is because cats love to perch up a high unknown territory. This would be excellent to get your cat’s attention and mentally stimulate its mind. Besides, who does not want a cute cat tree house at the side of their bedroom? This is why you should invest in toys as well, because like humans – cats do get bored as well. So, you should have a few favourites on hand at any time. Consider adding door for your pet like

First Aid Kit

Now, while you should have medications on hand just in case your cat catches the flu or stomach bug, you should also have a first aid kit ready as well. You never know what may happen, as your cat could wander off onto the road. Therefore, you should always be prepared to have a first aid kit on hand to avoid wasting any precious time trying to aid your pet because you are not prepared! So, preparation is key to ensuring your pet stays safe. If you want to discover cat symptoms to check if they are sick, read here.

There you have it, cat-loving folks, a guide to help you navigate the feline world. Just be sure to read up on some cat journals or help books to get a view of what having a cat entails. Lastly, remember to have fun with your new best friend! Cats make great company, and you would feel very much cosied up against their warm fur, should they come grazing at your leg.