Bearded Dragon Eat Moths?

Bearded dragons are popular pets that require a balanced diet to maintain their health. While they are primarily fed on insects and vegetables, many owners wonder if they can feed their bearded dragon moths. In this article, we will discuss whether bearded dragons can eat moths, and everything else you need to know.

Are Moths Safe for Bearded Dragons to Eat?

Moths can be a safe addition to your bearded dragon’s diet, as long as they are fed in moderation. However, it’s important to note that not all moths are safe for bearded dragons to consume. Some moths, such as the Gypsy Moth, can contain toxins that are harmful to bearded dragons. Therefore, it’s essential to know the type of moth you are feeding your pet before giving them to your bearded dragon.

Nutritional Value of Moths for Bearded Dragons

Moths can provide a good source of protein for your bearded dragon, as they are high in amino acids. They also contain some fat, which can be beneficial for bearded dragons that need to gain weight. However, moths do not offer many essential vitamins and minerals that bearded dragons need. Therefore, they should only be fed occasionally as a treat, rather than as a staple part of their diet.

How to Feed Moths to Your Bearded Dragon

When feeding moths to your bearded dragon, it’s essential to ensure that they are clean and healthy. You should avoid feeding wild moths, as they can contain parasites and toxins. Instead, you can purchase moths from a pet store or raise them yourself. Moths can be fed live or pre-killed, depending on your preference. However, it’s important to supervise your bearded dragon when feeding them live moths to prevent them from choking.

Other Foods to Feed Your Bearded Dragon

While moths can be a tasty treat for your bearded dragon, they should not make up a significant part of their diet. Bearded dragons require a varied diet that includes a range of insects, vegetables, and fruits. Some of the best foods to feed your bearded dragon include crickets, mealworms, collard greens, and bell peppers.

Bearded Dragon Eat Moths


In conclusion, bearded dragons can eat moths, but it’s important to do so in moderation and ensure they are safe to eat. Moths can provide a good source of protein but should not be relied on as a staple part of your bearded dragon’s diet. To ensure your bearded dragon remains healthy and happy, it’s essential to provide them with a varied diet that includes a range of nutritious foods.