The phrase Daru nalavili gee is the set of words used in the Sinhalese language to describe sleeping songs for babies. As the word sounds these poems and songs was a great help to mothers to keep their babies calm and quite with the rhythm of their voices. Ultimately it has become an excellent methodology to keep a connection with these two great souls in the world. The voice of mothers was able to provide a secure feeling inside these little babies. However, the modernization of the world has changed all these. Now, women are also a part of our economic system. Therefore, they do not have enough time to spend with their babies. But, it is not that much good practice as well. Do you need to manage this problem without leaving your occupation? Well! You have come to the real place. We will offer you an app to accomplish your needs in this problem.

Ready to sing the best “Daru nalavili gee” for your baby!

Yes! Now you can be ready to sing again for your baby. There is a simple initial step for it. You have to visit the Google Play Store from your favourite Android device and download the app. After the download, it will offer songs, pirith and mantra to bless your baby. The app was recently updated in December 2018. Actually, it is not older for more than a month. Hence, it is clear that the app was designed to fulfil the current requirements of this society. In addition to that, since this is a fresh release, there will be excellent updates with added features in the near future. That is why the developers have kept an “upcoming category” in it.

More about the app “Daru nalavili gee”…

This mobile tool will not ask that much of permissions in order to run it in your device. It is enough to grant the permissions for WiFi access and the keep it awaking by preventing the sleeping mode. Therefore, there is no risk for your privacy. In addition to that, it needs Android version 4.0.3 or above in order to run it. The newest available version for downloads is the 2.0. Over a hundred of installs and the more than three ratings for these short period of time offers the best evidence on its excellence. Therefore, you can download it without any doubts of its advanced functionalities.

Further, it offers more than fifteen Sinhala sleeping songs. The songs such as ” doi doi do doyya baba”  come from the background of past memories. However, there are modern songs as well. The “Sudu Ath Powwek” is such a song but it has all the necessary parameters in voice and music to attract your baby’s mind into one place. Even though there are such abilities, it will not take that much storage to serve you. It is only about 7MB in size. Therefore, the user can enjoy it without bothering about the internal memory of the smartphone.

The outlook for the content

The “Daru nalavili gee” is one of a wonderful app available in the Google play store. It was designed by a dedicated Sri Lankan young personnel to ease off the street on the busy mothers in this world. However, the mind relaxing music along with pirith and mantras offered in other categories will help the mothers of other nations to keep calm their children as well.


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