Are you wondering if training your dog is worth the time and money? Most of the other dog owners think so. Reports show that 94% of dog owners have exposed their pets to at least some form of training.

You can’t underestimate the importance of basic obedience dog training. Keep reading to learn five reasons that make dog training worth the time and effort.

1. Improve Sociality

If you want any social life when you have a dog, bringing your pet into social situations is a must. Unfortunately, not all dogs get the social experiences they need when growing up. Because of that, they get scared and reactive in situations with new people and animals.

You’ll work on social skills with your dog during dog obedience training. This training will let you take your dog out and about and not worry about fights and other problems in private and public.

2. Stay Safe Online

Even a well-trained dog will react badly when it doesn’t feel safe. The problem is that while other dogs may not react in typical situations, they will if your dog threatens them.

When your dog sends aggressive signals to other dogs, it makes those dogs more reactive and willing to defend themselves. When you have a well-trained dog, it doesn’t act aggressively and is more likely to befriend other dogs instead of instigating fights.

3. Reduce Reactivity

Some dogs are naturally reactive. Whether they have a high chase drive or just get overstimulated, it’s hard for them to control themselves when they see something new.

The good news is that obedience training helps reduce that instinct. By working with your dog, you’re reducing that impulsiveness. Dogs learn to control themselves around stimulating things because they know they’ll get rewarded for behaving.

4. Worry Less About Runaways

One of the biggest problems dog owners have is with recall. Whether a dog slips out of the house or doesn’t want to come back to you when in a park, you can’t afford not to have a recall that can bring your dog back under control.

You or a trainer like can help you develop this recall. Your recall will help you direct your dog’s attention towards you and come back to you when desired.

5. Build a Deeper Bond

Of all the benefits of obedience dog training out there, none may be more important than forming a great bond with your dog. Some people can develop great bonds just by being around their dogs. However, you create a deep relationship by working with your dog to improve.

As you continue your dog training, you’ll see how deep that bond goes. As a result, you’ll have a better friend who will respond to what you want to be done.

Start Basic Obedience Dog Training Today

While some dogs may do well without any obedience training, you significantly increase your risk of a problematic dog without it. Because of that, you can’t afford to skip basic obedience dog training for any breed of dog. Start the process today to see how quickly your dog learns.

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