The inability to control body weight is a common problem for the majority of people. So, we are going to give a piece of happy news for those who suffer from loss of figure due to uncontrollable body weight. The main reason for obesity is decelerated metabolic activities inside the human body. If it accelerates, the excess fat from the body will melt faster. So, the beautiful shape of the body will return faster than ever. An awesome spice is there in our kitchens to enhance these metabolic activities. It is known as the fennel seeds. This spice is loaded with iron, magnesium, calcium, potassium, phosphorus, vitamin C, fibre, zinc, fatty acids Etc. It is also rich with antibacterial and anticancer agents.

Let’s ready to replace usual drinks with fennel seed tea

Most of the people are interested in reducing their weight. So, they use several methods to do it. Especially, dietary control is a popular method among them. But, the experts on healthy well-being believe that dietary control alone will not enough to have a shaped figure. It is necessary to think about foods as well as drinks. Especially, many people who are in diet control do not think about drinking habits.

But, we have noticed that most of the people used to have green tea to maintain a healthy well-being.

In general, Green tea has a great variety. The methods of cultivation, the period of harvesting and the process of production of tea vary from each other. The green tea obtaining after harvesting the fresh tea leaves and stopping the enzyme function through steaming to impair the bacteria growth. So, if you find the superb level of green tea, it has effective functions. But, it is really difficult to find those.

Hence, most of the western countries have minimized the usage of green tea and they have found another solution to replace it. Even though the majority of the people do not aware, it is the funnel seeds tea.

The success story through fennel seed tea!

I am not an obese person. Further, I never experienced an overweight body which needed to become thin. However, I used this drink for about five years. Since I am not a fat man, I only consume one per day. But, people who considered as obese should have two cups per day to obtain the best results. Even though it is a little bitter in taste, when you get used to it, you will feel comfortable with that drink. So now, I would like to invite everyone who worried about bigger tummies and have consumed a large number of sweets during the new year celebration to have a cup of fennel seed tea. If you follow this correctly, definitely, you will become thin within a short period of time.

I used to buy packed tea bags. But, when it is not available, I prepare tea by using these seeds. Do you know in addition to controlling weight this herb helps to have a glowing skin? So, it helps to remove the dark patches and provide a firm skin texture. It also will provide enough nutrients for strong hair.

Furthermore, the food stored roots of fennel are also my favourite food. The salads prepared by using these potatoes and the cooked or tempted forms are known as yummy food recipes.

How to prepare a homemade fennel seed tea powder?

Actually, it is better to use home prepared tea than the usual packets available in the market. So, you can prepare a bottle of ground fennel tea powder after buying a considerable amount of these seeds. However, do not ground until it becomes powder. Actually, consuming powder form will lead to stomach problem such as gastritis and bloating. Hence, the best way is half grinding those seeds to have a mixture that can be boiled easily. In addition to that, you can avoid the bitter taste in your cup of fennel tea by doing so. That is why I am telling you to avoid grinding until it becomes powder.

The daily regime to drink fennel tea!

You have to drink a cup of tea after about thirty minutes from your daily meals. However, pregnant women should not take it at any time. But, if you are a lactating mother, you can use this herbal tea after completing three months for your baby. Not only that, if you are waiting for a baby, you have to limit this for one time per day.

The method to prepare a cup of fennel tea

First of all, collect these items for adequate portions.

  • 1 1/2 teaspoons of cleaned and half ground fennel tea
  • Half a teaspoon of chopped ginger
  • Kaluduru-One fourth of teaspoons
  • Cleaned Asamodagam seeds – One-fourth of teaspoons
  • A small piece of cinnamon
  • A cup of water
  • Honey as preferred

All of the above ingredients are necessary to have the maximum results. If you miss at least one it may greatly impact on the final outcome. So, try your best to find all of these. Actually, those are not rare herbs. Hence, it is easy to find those.

  • As the first method, boil all these ingredients. Next; keep it for ten minutes to cool down. Now, you can extract the boiled water to drink.
  • If, you do not like it, pour a cup of hot water for the mixture. Now, you can drink it as a cup of tea.
  • A busy person can store the boiled mixture in a hot cabin to drink when necessary. However, do not forget to drink it within an hour after meals.
  • The best way to have this for an overweight or obese person is drinking a cup of fennel tea for twice a day about a month. Later, you can reduce this up to one per day for another thirty days. Next, reduce this up to one cup for once a day. You can practice this until you get the preferred weight. After that, it is not necessary to take this frequently. So, have one cup for a week at the final stage.

A few dietary tips for a healthy life

Even though you have done all these, do not forget to control the dietary intake. Here are the recommended advice for good dieting habits.

Here are the diet choices for three meals.

  • Breakfast

First of all, avoid full-fat milk. Instead of that, you can add non-fat milk or herbal drink. Further, add one of these choices as breakfast.

Fruits and non-fat yoghurt 100g


Fruits and two eggs

  • Lunch

100g of Fish or two eggs and vegetables

  • Dinner

Boiled vegetable salad or soup

In addition to above meal patterns, when you feel hungry, you can have fruits such as watermelon or cucumber and nuts as snacks.

And also, do not forget to follow the advice as well.

  • Avoid oily and sweet foods including vegetable oil and margarine
  • Find herbal solutions for wheat floor such as jack fruit or Almond floor.
  • If it really needs to add sweetness, you can add honey instead of sugar
  • Drink at least two litres of water per day
  • If you do not have facilities or time to do physical activities like exercises, at least try to do your day to day works on your own. As examples, you can walk for short distances instead of hiring a taxi. Further, it is better to use staircases and jog for a few minutes in one place at home.
  • Be alert, even though you have done all these there may not be any change. If you can not notice at least one-kilo weight reduction within a month, it may be due to hypothyroidism. So, channel your nearest medical centre as soon as possible.
  • The next thing is, do not expect faster results within about two days. You have to be patient. The weight reduction is based on the properties of your internal functionalities.

Sometime, you may think that you can easily lose the weight through these and the fennel seed is not that much influence to reduce weight. So, try it by yourself to enjoy the real difference.

Further, It is sure that if you follow the methods mentioning here, it will remove under eye darkness and offer you a glowing skin.

The next thing is, do not sit for studies immediately after the meals. You have to walk for at least ten minutes. Finally, you have to be frank to say goodbye to day time sleep as well.

The last lines

Al last, shall I say a secret I have learned as a dietitian? Over or prolong usage of anything is not good. So, once you feel that you have regained preferred body size and shape, it is better to terminate all these. You can drink a cup of tea with one teaspoon of ground fennel seeds only if you eat so much.