Feeding Pet Treats to Your Furry Friend

You look at your little furry companion’s face, and your hand automatically reaches into the pet shelf to give them their treats. With over 90% of Australian households raising pets, everyone will agree that it is pretty much impossible to deny them treats when you yourself enjoy indulging in a snack every now and then. However, while you can take care of yourself and know which snacks to consume in the correct quantity, your furry friends need your help in that area. As their human, you should ensure that the Australian pet treats you feed your pets are delicious and healthy. Hopefully, this guide will help give you valuable tips to feed your furry buddies!

Factors to Consider When Feeding Treats to Your Pets

Safe for Consumption

While there are special treats for pets, sometimes, they can also consume human food. However, not all food items are safe for them. Before feeding your pets food made for humans, ensure it is safe for their consumption and does not contain any nutrients that might trigger their allergies or harm their health. Even the healthiest human food could damage their organs. Australian pet owners spend around $13 billion on pet services and products, so it is best to ensure the money is spent on safe food.

Check Their Health Reports

Your furry friends are not immune to health issues. Different pet treats have various constituents, and not every constituent complements the other. Hence, when feeding treats to your pets, ensure the specific treat does not, in any way, clash with existing health problems.

Pet-Specific Treats

Not every pet treat is suitable for all pets. Cats, dogs, rabbits, birds – every pet follows a different diet. Ensure your pet is eating treats created especially for them. The growth and development of pets depend on the kind of treat they have. Additionally, the texture of pet treats is not the same. Thus, a pet with sensitive teeth will be unable to chew or bite a treat with a rough texture. Biting hard treats when their teeth are not sharp or not adequately developed can break or damage them. 

Avoid Overfeeding

It is best to feed your pets moderately. Pet treats contain sugar, so excessive consumption might lead to weight gain, which, in turn, can result in health problems. According to Pet Food Industry Association Australia (PFIAA), 41% of dogs and 32% of cats in Australia are overweight or suffer from obesity. Since pet treats cater to pets’ tastes, your furry friends acquire a taste for them and might pick treats over nutritious food. Thus, ensure your pets are eating their treats in the right amount – neither too much nor too less.

Make a Schedule

It is essential to create a schedule and feed your pets accordingly. Regularly giving your pets treats might spoil them. They might act out if they do not receive regular treats. Thus, it is advisable to stick to a routine and give them treats as a reward or snacks. Additionally, rewarding your pets with treats also disciplines them. If you are a new pet parent and are in the process of training your little friend, make sure you use treats as training rewards.

Final Thoughts

Giving Australian pet treats to your pet is enjoyable, as feeding them also brings you joy. However, ensure the treats are safe for consumption, made especially for them, and provided in moderation. Visit a fantastic online store and pick the best flavours for them!