How Increase Your Jeep Wrangler Horsepower

Optimizing the performance of your Jeep is a labor of love. One of the many ways to go about it is to improve your horsepower. In a Jeep, adding horsepower won’t drastically improve your speed. It usually translates to better fuel economy and strengthened hill climbing. Once you peruse this overview of options, find a resource like a Jeep Wrangler horsepower to further your research.

Upgrade Your Air Intake

Combustion is the driving force of your engine. Air is critical for this process; the colder and denser the air is, the more powerful the reaction. Stock intake systems tend to be restrictive and limit the amount of air coming into your engine. So, one of the most common ways to improve your horsepower is to improve your cold air intake.

A typical cold air intake is a filter protected by an enclosure that leads into the throttle body with piping. The filter is usually cone-shaped, and the protective walls keep water out and the air cool. To take this idea to the next level, install a supercharger to compress cold air even more before entering your engine.

Upgrade Your Muffler

The ability of air to exit your vehicle is as important for its performance as air intake. When exhaust fumes meet resistance in the cylinder it causes back pressure, which decreases your horsepower. There is a simple solution, give the air more room. You can do so with an upgraded muffler, check out any Flowmaster Muffler to find the right one for you.

Upgrade Your Drive Train

It is common practice for Jeep owners to begin their modification journey with a lift kit. There are many options for installing a lifted suspension, so start with a suspension brands before you take this leap. Lifted Jeeps usually also mean bigger tires. These can have a detrimental effect on your fuel economy and top speed.

You can mitigate these effects by regearing, which means adjusting the gear ratio of your axles. More specifically, the number of teeth on the ring and pinion gears. That way, you can optimize your performance both on the trails, in the swamp and on the highway.

Upgrade Your Computing Power

Newer Jeeps rely on computers to send messages to the moving parts and systems. For example, when you step on the brakes you are giving a command to the computer to do so. Take advantage of this technology with a tuner.

A tuner can make adjustments to your timing, shift points, speedometer calibration and air-fuel ratio. Properly setting up your tuner before making these adjustments is crucial for any real improvement. You will need to take your wheel size, fuel type and axle size into consideration first.

Horsepower is not usually a priority for most Jeep owners but can prove useful in tough situations. The possibilities for improvement are endless. Do your research, consult an expert and find a reliable retailer of Jeep parts to get started on your journey to peak performance.