There are different taxation rules and regulations in every country. However, for people responsible for collecting and deducting taxes, it is important to get an authorized number so that people can be assured about the legitimacy of the process.

How to apply for TAN number

Thanks to the internet, applying for a TAN number is now easier than ever; you only have to search on google ‘TAN Apply online’. You can now apply for your TAN number online in a matter of minutes. The following points will show you how to apply for your TAN number online, along with some helpful tips on what documents you need and the benefits of getting this number:

Why is TAN required?

The tax Deduction and Collection Account Number is a ten-digit alphanumeric number. People who are responsible for deducting or collecting tax on behalf of the Government must obtain it. It is necessary to quote TAN in all TDS/TCS returns, challans, and correspondence with the Income Tax Department.

How to apply?

If you are someone who works in the Taxation Department to collect or deduct taxes, then it will be obligatory for you to get your TAN number as soon as possible; otherwise, you won’t be considered eligible to do your job. 

Individuals can easily apply for a TAN number online through the official website of the Income Tax Department. The steps for the online TAN application are as follows:

Step 1: Log onto the official website of the Income Tax Department (

Step 2: Click on the home page’s ‘Register Yourself’ link.

Step 3: Select ‘New User? Register Now from the drop-down menu that appears.

Step 4: Fill in your details, such as name, date of birth, email address, etc., in the registration form. After filling in all the required details, click the ‘Submit’ button.

Step 5: An activation link will be sent to your registered email address. Click on this link to activate your account.

Step 6: Once your account is activated, log in using your user ID and password.

After logging in, click on the ‘Profile Settings’ tab and select ‘TAN Application’ from the list of options displayed.

Documents required

For every legal procedure, it is essential to submit certain documents to authenticate your identity. The following points list some documents you will have to submit to get your TAN number:

For individuals: 

  • Passport size photo 
  • Aadhar card 

For partnership firms: 

  • Passport size photo – Authorized partner 
  • ID proof – All partners 
  • Address proof – Business location 
  • Partnership Deed 
  • Bank Account Statement of the firm 


There are many benefits to applying for a TAN number online. 

  • The best part about this process is that it is quick and easy, and you will receive your TAN number instantly. 
  • You won’t have to go anywhere to get this process done because it is online, so you can get it done from the comfort of your home simply by searching ‘TAN Apply online’.
  • Many people think that they can only use this number to either collect or deduct other people’s taxes, but you can also use your TAN number to file your taxes online, saving you time and money. 
  • Additionally, you can use your TAN number to apply for other tax-related benefits, such as a refund or an extension.
  • These points list all the factors you must know before getting your TAN number. You can refer to them to develop an understanding of the process and be prepared before getting it done. Many companies offer services that make getting your TAN number convenient and hassle-free.