Instagram Dancers

Studies show that Instagram has roughly two billion active users every month. Standing out amongst these users is difficult, particularly if you’re in an artistic niche.

Instagram dancers are particularly popular, bringing their passion for dance to the online platform. How can you take advantage of influencer opportunities to grow your audience and build a following on Instagram?

Whether you’re developing your style of dance or looking to improve your audience reach, we’re here to help guide you. Read on for a quick guide on how to build your following as an Instagram dancer.

Building Your Page

Your first step is to build your page. You’ll need content to build an audience, but how can you decide on what to put on your page? Here are the three steps to working toward building your style.

Choose Your Style

What sort of dance are you doing, and what audience do you hope to attract? While this may sound minor, this is one of the most critical points of building an audience.

For example, a ballet dancer may not attract the same audience as a modern hip-hop dancer. There are differences in style, presentation, content, recording, music, and more. Audiences also have different interests, meaning the group interested in your ballet may not care as much about other things.

Once you have a style, think of how to put a unique flair on it. Doing so will help you stand out amongst the many other Instagram dancers.

If you aren’t sure where to start, we recommend finding a dance teacher. An instructor can help you identify and develop your style.

Broaden Your Horizons

Once you’ve begun to grow your style, don’t hesitate to branch out and try new things. To some, this may sound contradictory. Wouldn’t you want to continue giving your audience what they want?

The truth is that your audience reach will stagnate if you only focus on one subject. Eventually, you’ll want to grow your audience beyond your niche.

To do so, think of things that are related to your topic that you can blend in. Jumping from traditional ballroom dancing to interpretive dance may throw off your audience, so find something closer.

Don’t hesitate to try new things and see what sticks. You’re never locked into your style of dance, so adding new things to your dance routine can only help.

Connect and Network

It’s easy to see the other Instagram dancers as your competition. However, you’ll find that the community is often more uplifting and happy to help than most people expect.

Rather than competition, try to see your fellow dancers as peers. Don’t hesitate to reach out to other dancers and discuss the craft with them. You can learn wonderful lessons from these dancers, from better ways to post to new trends to try out.

That said, not everyone is always happy to help. You should work on building a connection and rapport rather than blindly trusting others. Doing so can stop others from taking advantage of you.

Furthermore, don’t limit your network solely to dancers. Think of what camera work people in other industries are doing and how you could add it to your bag of tricks. You never know who can teach you something that can help blossom your style.

Growing Your Audience

Once you have your page growing, how can you keep your reach expanding? here are some of the best ways to keep your passion for dance from being stuck on a small page.

Post Regularly

In any social media endeavor, from dance to comedy, you’ll need to post regularly. There are several reasons for this, both organic and inorganic.

Organically, posting regularly will help you build a reliable relationship with your audience. For example, if you post a new video every Thursday, your audience will know to check your account on Thursdays.

Posting infrequently or without set intervals means that no one can say when to pay attention to your content. You’ll be at the mercy of the algorithm.

The algorithm is the inorganic half. Instagram has content algorithms that will promote your posts to audiences that show interest in similar content.

If you post at regular, frequent intervals, the algorithm will look more favorably on your page. Posting infrequently will make it so you never stand out in the algorithm. Since it won’t promote you as often, you’ll miss out on many influencer opportunities.

Look for Trends

Another important step is to look for trends to add to your dance routine. These trends won’t always fit your chosen style or niche, but they’re crucial for your page’s growth.

Trends come about because a large audience wants to see them. You’ll tap directly into this audience by interacting with their trend. As a result, your posts are promoted to a ready-made audience that will then check out your page and judge from there.

Do your best to follow trends when it’s sensible for you to do so. You shouldn’t alter your entire style of dance in the chase of a trend, but a few posts can help to grow your audience reach.

Interact and Listen

Finally, you shouldn’t treat your audience as faceless people in a box somewhere. Interact with your audience and see what you can do to appeal to them.

You shouldn’t base your whole page on doing whatever your audience says. Doing so can infringe on your passion for dance and damage your unique style. But following what some of them are saying can help you keep tabs on what changes your audience would like to see.

These comments can help you get new ideas and see where to improve. Keep an eye on what your audience is saying to see how you can grow.

Following the Most Successful Instagram Dancers

Instagram dancers are plentiful, but the truly unique ones stand out amongst the crowd. Bring your passion for dance into a one-of-a-kind dance routine. Snag influencer opportunities as they come, and never stop building your style of dance.

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