Surviving in the fast-paced real estate market is no longer just a matter of implementing a few traditional marketing techniques and laying back. Growing at a rate close to 4% annually, you need to infuse some innovation in your marketing techniques to survive in the real estate landscape.

Arming yourself with innovation-driven marketing will help you target your real estate customers with a lot more precision while eliminating flops and unnecessary waste. Consequently, you are exposed to more revenue opportunities.

Simply put, adding innovation to your real estate marketing efforts will earn you a solid competitive edge in a highly competitive market. Furthermore, as modern customers become harder to please, you need innovation on your corner to easily stand out with your unique value proposition. 

In other words, the right innovative marketing techniques in real estate are one of your pillars for generating qualified leads faster. Several marketing companies are actively leveraging innovation to help realtors express themselves better to their clients. 

This has led to the birthing of intuitive real estate marketing applications that provide a useful template to level up your real estate marketing techniques. That said, below is a roundup of the top 5 most innovative marketing companies to walk the real estate marketing journey with you:

1. Vyral Marketing

Vyral Marketing ushers your real estate business into video marketing to generate more leads and grow your business through compelling video content. The marketing service will start you off through a webcam interview highlighting a local topic with a high traffic potential.

Then, the Vyral Marketing team will professionally edit the video, optimize it, and promote it on your behalf. That means the final video you end up with is compatible with your website, YouTube, and other social platforms.

Through this results-driven video marketing technique, Vyral Marketing is essentially helping you engage with current prospects as well as past clients and turn them into active customers. As a one-stop shop for everything video marketing, the main aim is to boost customer engagement aimed at conversion.

Once you are all informed on how Vyral Marketing can turn your real estate business into a winning venture, the service lets you gather as many email contacts as possible to share your videos with. 

Then, based on your contact database and preferences, you can set Vyral Marketing to dispatch periodic video emails each month. The greatest upside of working with Vyral Marketing is not only the provision of initial video equipment but also the commitment of the team to providing consistent feedback on the performance of your video marketing campaigns. 

Nonetheless, the major downside of Vyral Marketing is the high price point of $625 per month.

2. Triplemint

Triplemint primarily provides its users with pre-market access to help them make better real estate decisions. Whether you are a seller, buyer, or renter, the application lets you access its vast inventory of up-to-date apartment listings that you can leverage in smart decision-making.

Quite simply, Triplemint’s job is to anticipate and leverage future real estate market activity and then match renters, sellers, and buyers accordingly. Thus, when you bring Triplemint into your real estate marketing, the first thing you are guaranteed is exposure.

That said, the key features that make Triplemint stand out from the rest are the integration of predictive analysis and the strong emphasis on highly personalized service. Thanks to its intuitive predictive algorithm, Triplemint relies on data to accurately study market behavior. 

It can therefore monitor sellers’ patterns and accurately match the needs and expectations of its clients. Through this technology, a client can also discover the buyers most ideal for their market.

Moreover, to ensure consistent satisfactory results, Triplemint boasts a Client Success Team that’s responsible for affording you the best real estate experience with service customizations. Therefore, each client receives tailor-made solutions to suit their unique needs. 

The fact that you must sign up first to access the entire listings database is a major downside with this app though.

3. RealtyShares

Recently acquired by IIRR Management Services, RealtyShares is a real estate crowdfunding application that brings investors, sponsors, and borrowers together. It only allows accredited investors to participate and only deals with illiquid investments. All transactions can only be completed through the site.

Principally, RealtyShares evaluates different investment opportunities against its own pre-determined criteria. If an investment meets the required threshold, it qualifies to be listed on the platform. The listing will capture the general details about the deal as well as any risk factors tied to the transaction.

Investors can then buy an entire investment or a portion of a large investment. Investors on the platform are also allowed to finance either real estate loans or equity investments. Moreover, even commercial properties qualify as investments on the site.

In a nutshell, RealtyShares allows you to build a portfolio of real estate investments rather than locking all your money on a few investments. This gives even small investors an opportunity to take part in larger investments.

Even so, the downside is that you must be an accredited investor to use RealtyShares.

4. The Conversion Academy

The Conversion Academy primarily exists to take real estate businesses to unprecedented heights through innovative branding. They achieve this by providing professional publicity and branded content to real estate businesses the world over.

Whether you are a real estate agent, broker, or business owner, you can access a wide array of innovative solutions from this agency to quickly convert your business into a brand. That said, the branding agency takes a slightly different approach from most real estate marketing companies.

Unlike other companies that emphasize drawing in as many leads as possible, the Conversion Academy helps you channel your efforts into converting your existing prospects through public relations and branding.

Comprising highly skilled professionals, the team handles every step of the conversion process on your behalf. Their articles are a darling of major media outlets. Thus, they leverage that influential media coverage to forge relationships for you to become a trusted authority in your niche.

What’s more, to supplement your lead generation efforts, the Conversion Academy also does social media management for you. In summary, therefore, as you work with the Conversion Academy for your real estate marketing, you are getting branding, marketing, PR solutions, and innovative consulting under one roof.

5. Wise Pelican

Boasting a real estate mailing list builder, Wise Pelican helps you target a broader audience with several customized email lists. That means the list-builder tool lets you generate email lists based on an area, subdivision, or specific building. 

You can even upload your own lists and then choose the ones you would wish to include in your mailing. Each email address on your list costs only 10 cents allowing you to realize tangible value for your money. What’s more, you can use the purchased lists beyond Wise Pelican.

Another outstanding Wise Pelican feature is the ease of mailing real estate postcards at only 75 cents per postcard. You can either select from a wide array of pre-built postcard templates or have a custom template created for you. 

Moreover, you can easily modify the postcards right on your browser to suit your brand personality. Once you mail your postcards, you can seamlessly track them through the integrated mail campaign tracking feature. The feature lets you monitor postcard movement through the USPS system to inform you of delivery. 

If you are worried about mailing consistency, Wise Pelican also allows you to pre-schedule all your mailings for future dissemination.

Final words

Being a highly competitive market, it can be quite challenging to find the right real estate marketing techniques to outrank your competitors.

Fortunately for you, this exhaustive list of the top innovative marketing companies in real estate can be a great starting point. Embracing these top companies eliminates the need to invest loads of money and effort relying on outdated marketing techniques to attract a wider audience and drive more leads.From lead management, social media marketing, and direct mail marketing tools, to digital media consulting, these top marketing companies have a solution for every real estate company, big or small.