If you’re looking to start investing, then you’ve probably come across iq option – a foreign trading app that makes investing accessible to anyone with an internet connection. In this article, we’ll discuss how iq option works and how it differs from other investment options like stocks and forex currency trading . We’ll also discuss the risks of using iq option in your investment portfolio and give some pros and cons to help you decide if it’s right for you.

What is iq option

IQ Option is an online binary options trading platform that allows traders to trade with virtual money in a fast and efficient manner. This system has been created by Iqoption Limited, which is regulated by Cyprus Securities Exchange Commission. Traders can trade in up to 14 assets such as gold, silver, crude oil, etc. The IQOption mobile app enables people who are always on-the-go to be able to continue their work wherever they may be. Users can make deposits into their accounts using MasterCard, Visa card and bank wire transfers too. The minimum amount that one needs to deposit into their account is $10.

How does IQ Option work

The binary options platform offers multiple types of trading, including 60-second and one-hour trades. You can trade commodities, stocks, currencies and indices, although there are no penny stocks available. While IQ Option doesn’t offer forex, a good amount of research shows that all major currency pairs have similar odds between brokers. With plenty of deposit methods available (PayPal is accepted), IQ Option allows you to start trading quickly and easily with little hassle from start to finish.

The pros and cons of IQ OPTION

IQ OPTION is considered one of top binary options platforms that currently offer trading. There are hundreds of reviews about IQ option, but most of them are positive. Though there were also some negative reviews claiming that iq option scammed me and a waste of time. In here, we will discuss both advantages and disadvantages to let you know what really happened behind its gorgeous interface. The key here is not whether IQ OPTION is safe to trade or not because no binary options system has been proven 100% scam-free yet since they are based on an industry with too many risks involved. It all comes down to your own decision in trading.

How safe is it

Any binary options platform you choose to use will have your money in one way or another. Some are more risky than others, but at iq option they do offer various safety measures and protection against scams. The most important aspect when choosing a safe binary options platform is reputation. A good reputation can’t be bought and that’s why many companies hire 3rd party reputation management firms to make sure their reputations are pristine before pushing them into mainstream markets.

The deposit requirements to start trading on the platform

When you join IQ Option, depositing funds is easy and takes only few minutes. Even though they don’t have any minimum requirements when depositing funds with them, we recommend that you deposit at least $200-300 to start with as you would have enough to make a couple of trades until your first win. In addition, IQ Option also does not charge any fees for deposits and withdrawals so there is no risk in trying out their platform if you are curious about it. If ever your account reaches $20 000, then IQ Option will give you a 25% discount on all future trading fees which can be very helpful in increasing your profits from trading.

Conclusion – Is it worth using

The system is a way to be successful with binary options trading. This platform is used by numerous traders around the world and it has been recognized as one of top binary option trading platforms. Many traders trust them because they can make great profits, due to their precise forecast about upcoming financial market situations. The simple and modern user interface, good deposit conditions and fast withdrawal process makes them easy-to-use for both newbies and professional traders. It’s recommended for all those who want to start working in financial markets in an easy way with great tools! Besides that we are going to continue our long-term review iq option scam or safe , with an additional real money testing account! Stay tuned!