Get well Soon for Mind Disaster

  • Why we are studying?
  • Why we are working?
  • Why we are earning money?

All human being has only one answer. To leave happily. But now things are different.
Most of the people work hard and earn. But no happiness, relax and even no time has
to spend their own life. They miss their life and their families. Now human is like

Then why we are work hard? No need anything to relax. God has given lots of items to
feel our life. But we cannot recognize that.

It’s rainy day. I feel cool. Rain has unbelievable power to refresh our mind. I heard nice
rhythm. I closed my eyes and listen that slow music. It not anything. It’s sound of rain
drops. Rain drops are falling on the roof. It’s a real meditation music. No need any other
meditation for life. It’s very cantabile. Are you really critic of music? You can find real
meaning of music. Clouds play this instrument prefect rhythm. Any type of patient will
get well soon. Present society lot of persons search relaxation of mind. Clam of mental
capacity. So then and there they spend too much money for classes, CD’s, internet and
so many ways to relax their mind. Relief from stress. Avoid for angry.

Waves of ocean is amazing art of god. If you can spend ten minutes per week in beach
you can avoid more and more stress in your mind. A hewer of wood and a drawer
of water can change our angry, Because if you have seen it once your life you can
realize. Fresh air can give us to healthy blood circulation. Quieten of trees are given
creative idea for poet. Singing birds are given happiness to heart. Research their life
cycle, Birds are most of lovely couple in our surrounding. They give good example for
love, affection and confidant. They teach how to leave lovely with our partners. They
always trust their own capacity. That’s life. Fresh flowers change moods. So why we are
spending so much money for get off from stress. Stress will destroy thoughts, skills,
relationships, abilities, efficiency and power of mind. Stress creates angry and
frustrating. All problems have solutions. First, we need to get off from stress. If you need
to get off most power full medicine is nature.

Life is clam mind. Not only money. Normal theory is human is most optimum than
animals. But most probably it has change.

It’s time to take medicine of nature.

Author : Shamini Soyza