Golden doodles are a cross between golden retrievers and poodles, bred for the characteristics of both breeds. They have relatively long coats and can come in various colours, including apricot, black, blue, brown and cream. Miniature Golden Doodles dogs are smaller than either parent breed. They are typically 9-20 pounds as adults and 12 inches at the base of the neck for males.

Mini Golden Doodles

Miniature Golden Doodles are popular pets because of their size and soft coats. Goldens typically bond with one person in a way that Poodles do not, so mini golden doodles westchester county ny are best to be adopted by people who have the time and patience to train them. Here are some significant characteristics of mini golden doodles that are mentioned, so try to understand them well.

1. Playful 

Miniature Golden Doodles are playful dogs but not as energetic as golden retrievers or poodles. They do their best when they have a family that will play with them and bring them outside to socialize. If you have a miniature golden doodle and a dog or cat in your family, be sure to supervise their interactions until the two of them understand each other’s limits on playfulness.

2. Affectionate and Caring 

Poodles are well known for being affectionate puppies, and so mini golden doodles westchester county ny, will be as well. They are caring dogs who want to spend time with their families, and even though they love to play, they also like to crawl up into bed with their human family members when it’s time for everyone to go to sleep.

3. Youthful 

Golden retrievers are also known for being good with children so Miniature Golden Doodles will be as well. They are playful dogs who love to interact with kids and are quick to pick up on what their humans want from them. Poodles are also good with children, but they may not always be as quick to obey the directions of a screaming 3-year-old.

4. Easily Trained 

Miniature Golden Doodles are one of the easiest breeds to train, making them a good companion for people who aren’t necessarily used to training a dog. They are eager to please and relatively bright, so if you spend some time with them early on teaching them what you expect, they should learn it quickly.

Once you consider the points mentioned above, you will learn about some of the significant characteristics of mini golden doodles westchester county ny, which will help you to know them better.