Moringa, These are the medium-sized trees with small leaves. Mainly the African and Asian peoples are familiar with this plant. Actually, it is native to those areas. Within the seasons, we can see thousands of small white coloured flowers all over these trees. After a few weeks, those flowers become matured and gives you Moringa fruits. There are various ways to prepare them for cooking. Those methods are varying according to the traditions and areas. However, today, our purpose is not on those. There is another important way to have this amazing nature’s gift without cooking. It is the moringa powder. This will be a good news for those who cannot enjoy fresh leaves and sticks, especially for non-Asian and non-Africans. However, still, those powders are made in a way that preserves its freshness. Hence, they also have the opportunity to enjoy its actual benefits. Here, this is a complete guide for all of you to gain its maximum benefits.

How to make Moringa Powder?

Greeny Moringa leaves are the source of this powder. However, it is beneficial to use dried leaves to make more nutritious powder. This drying process should be under the appropriate temperature. Otherwise, the most important nutrients can be destroyed by reducing its health effects. You can easily identify these powerful powder that made up with fresh Moringa leaves through its original colour and the smell. Usually, these are dark green coloured and have a nutty smell. The nutritional constitution of the powders prepared this way is more compared to newly harvested leaves.

Nutritional Constitution Guideline for Moringa Powder

The M. olifera leaf powders have almost all the nutrients that should be included in a supplementary food. This has confirmed with several studies worldwide using standard methods. It contains around 404 Kcal per hundred grams of powder. And also it contains an adequate amount of proteins, saturated fats and carbohydrates. The high concentration of essential amino acids, minerals and vitamins give it an added value by confirming its requirement to address nutritional needs in humans. In addition to these, it contains a number of antioxidants to keep you healthy and happy.

6 Most Effective Health benefits of Moringa Powder

There are a number of Moringa powder benefits. Among those, most valuable and significant one is its presence for a healthy life. Actually, how this happens? It is must to understand in order to arouse motivation to use this wonderful natural creature. Follow the details given below to be rich in knowledge on this facts.

  • Lowers your blood sugar

This is an amazing home remedy for the persons suffering from diabetes. The longtime usage has an effect to maintain proper blood glucose level.

  • Fight against cancer cells

The antioxidant features of these olifera powders have additional power to fight with abnormal cell growth inside your body. Hence, it will reduce the occurrence of cancers in the population.

  • Reduces the chances of stroke

The stroke is mainly caused by the ischemia due to blood clot formation inside the blood vessels. This will lead to serious neurological effects. The Moringa leaf powders have an effect to lower the LDL level by reducing the occurrence of an above-mentioned process.

  • Promote a good sleep

There are important properties to keep your blood pressure well maintained. It will promote a good sleep. Hence, this is helpful for patients with insomnia.

  • Helps to maintain good mental health

The recent evidence suggests its necessity in managing the mental health of various peoples. Hence, It has effects on promoting mental relaxation.

  • Ensures good immunity level

It will ensure your immunity by fighting against harmful microorganisms including bacteria.

Weight loss and Moringa powder

Most of the individuals are found of searching methods to control their weights. It is not a secret that the main factor behind weight loss is the diet and physical activities. Hence, the nutrition supplements have taken a majority of representation of dietary advice. Is Moringa powder beneficial for weight loss? Yes! It may have some effect on it. But, this is not the one and only supplement to use in this purpose. It has a higher amount of carbohydrates as well as fats. But, still, it will give you fewer calories when compared to heavy meals. However, the health, skin and hair benefits of M. olifera powders are more important than the weight loss properties.

Power of Moringa powder for a Glowing skin and healthy hair

A beautiful hair, nails and skin is the sign of good health of an individual. The unbelievable properties of mornings leaves will ensure all these facts in your body. You can use these along with several other ingredients such as sandalwood powder to make effective face masks and body scrubs. It will give you a healthy and glowing skin.

In addition to this, it will act as an anti-ageing remedy. This is due to its antioxidant properties and high minerals and vitamin contents.

Health and wealth of your hair also ensured with Moringa powders. It will reduce hair loss and stimulate hair regrowth due to some of the essential amino acids.

How to use Moringa Powder?

These green coloured natural powder mix is packing in different ways to distribute among you. You can use it in externally as well as internally by ingestion or as a drink. Usually, it will come as capsules or a tea. Otherwise, you can use its as a face pack or home remedy to treat for wounds by applying externally. It is recommended to use around 2-4 tablespoon a day. It is beneficial’s to use by pregnant mothers and lactating women.

Is there any side effects of Moringa Powder?

It is almost free from side-effects due to its natural properties. However, you have to make sure to use appropriately prepared powders to prevent any misbehaviour of mixing ingredients. Since this is an external and new thing to newbies there may be some complaints with constipation and vomiting with pre-prepared powders. Hence, seek some medical advice from your pharmacist in this cases. However, using natural leaves and drumsticks may not make any unnecessary matters for you.


There are a number of benefits of Moringa powder as a dietary supplement to all of the people including children, sportsmen and women. You have to use it by referring and researching its actual effects on the human body. Then it will cause to increase your motivation towards it. However, you will have to spend a little cost to buy those prepared powders. But, it is not a wastage when compared to advantages it offers for you!