Office space software has become the main talking point recently due to COVID 19 situation. Many employees were asked to work from home due to the pandemic situation. Now, the world is gradually starting to live with this virus. We cannot be hiding forever. People have understood the fact that life must go on with COVID. Now, the time has come, especially for the managers of your office, to start thinking about office space management. Effective options to manage the office space is a big challenge for them at the moment. Social distancing, space management, flexible seating, employee details tracking are some of the main areas which the managers need to focus on. Can managers monitor and track all these manually? No, my friend, it will not be practical and efficient.

The best 06 COVID office space software

The time has come to make use of software to track these. There are number of office space software introduced to track these. Managers need to review them and choose what is more suitable for them. We will discuss some of the best software currently available to make your decisions even easier when selecting one. There are many COVID space management software in the market. People use these to make their office space manage better and practice social distancing, which is a crucial aspect of minimizing the spread of this virus.

1. Hoteling software

Out of these, hoteling software is identified as one of the best. This software helps us to manage the space in our office complex with the help of technology. Apart from that, this also allows us to arrange seating of employees. It decides who sits in a particular location and for how long. So, it also acts as a social distance office management software too. The main technology used in this software is provided by Deskflex. It basically keeps vacancy sensors and monitors the desks which are already occupied and free.

 This is one of the main benefits of this hoteling software to prevent contact with others. “How is that possible”? This might be the question that many of you are having right now. It is like this. Employees can book or allocate a seat in advance before they come to the office. This will definitely prevent unnecessary contact when coming into office with other people. Above all, this software does not use any cameras for this purpose. This is done purely with the help of the sensors. It works as an online booking system, and personal information, including names even are not disclosed. The challenge of managing the office space and social distancing is taken care of here by the hoteling software. Apart from that, this provides a safe environment for the employees to return to work after COVID lockdown and, in return, increases productivity too.

2. OfficeSpace software

OfficeSpace is another office space software which we can use to manage our workplace. This is one of the more user-friendly software in the market which we can install easily. Apart from that, this works on any device, and the platform is very user friendly. Your workplace is different from the other. So, the method the other one follow may not suit your style. OfficeSpace allows you to work and manage your office in your own way. This is one of the main advantages of this software. This keeps track of all the seating arrangements and notifies you to make new space for seating. This software updates in real-time, and it helps to make correct decisions in no time. On the other hand, the customer service team at OfficeSpace is always there to help you out in any matter. So you will feel comfortable and confident.

OfficeSpace gives you the freedom to concentrate on other important matters as it looks after the space management process well. This, in return, provides a sense of security among employees to return back to work to start their work after the pandemic. Above all, the cost of this software is relatively cheaper too. Desk booking, reports, space management, and room booking are some of the key highlights of this office space software.

3. Condeco software

Condeco is another office space software for workspace management. This is also one of the trusted social distance office software. This mainly reduces workspace density in a particular area. This reduces the desks in an area and helps to prevent close contact and enhance social distancing. This software allows employees to book their workspace in advance to minimize social contact. Condeco mobile application and website can be used by the employees for their bookings. On the other hand, this software also provides the opportunity for the employees to book where they want to sit and when they want to be at the office. The days can be marked through the software, and this allows anyone to know the status of every employee and can be checked later for any emergency situation too.

Condeco software automatically notifies the employees if they book a closed seat. It then allows you to find a new one that is not closed as an alternative. Employees are not allowed to enter office premises without a proper seating arrangement. Apart from that, this software also provides details about your friends at work. You can easily find whether they are working on a particular date or not using this and the same workplace too. This also provides data about the workspace which need to be sanitized too. The employees are allowed to book spaces that are sanitized.

The cleaning dashboard clearly displays the areas which are sanitized and not. Vendors can close the job as sanitized the areas they finished on the software. Real-time updated reports of Condeco software can be used to trace the close contact of someone who tests positive. Notifications are directly sent to employees to stay back at home, stating the reason.

4. Space Connect software

Space Connect is another office space software in the market. This mainly focuses on social distancing and contact tracing in the workplace. This also provides the facility of booking desks for the employees. This notifies desks as unavailable to maintain social distancing. Sensors are there to mark the attendance in and out to avoid manual touching. This helps to prevent the spread of the virus. Alerts are triggered to clean the workspace when the employee leaves the office. Space Connect software also provides the opportunity of having virtual meetings to minimize close contact with others. It further provides details on when the meeting rooms are clean for using the software.

On the other hand, this software stores all the valuable information of the visitors, and face recognition technology is used to identify them. This also provides useful information about social distancing and asks some questions before they enter. This software provides real-time reports in order to monitor and to check the status. This includes cleaning activities, desk reservations, desk cancellations, and many more to keep you updated all the time in the case of an emergency.

5. GoBright

GoBright is the next office space software for you. This also acts as a workspace management software. Employees need to book their desks before going to the office. This helps to manage the number of people at the office to maintain social distancing. GoBright software provides us the information about desks with colors.

  • If the desk is available – it appears as green.
  • If the desk is almost occupied – it appears as orange.
  • If the desk is occupied- it turns red.
  • If the desk cannot be booked – it appears as off.

These color signals will quickly provide information to employees about what they need to do. On the other hand, when you leave the office after office, the color of your desk automatically turns purple. This conveys the message that the table needs to be cleaned by a cleaner. After cleaning, the cleaner can mark it in the software, and the desk turns green. This software also allows you to book a close desk for your friend too.

GoBright provides the opportunity for you to book rooms for a meeting in a healthy manner. The software automatically decides the number of people who can enter a meeting room using the sensors. Then it provides you the most suitable room according to your requirement. This software gives you the luxury of starting and entering into your office/meeting room with only a tap. This prevents the touching of various equipment that can contain the virus. This software also enables you to order food from your office canteen with a tap on your mobile phone. It is that simple and safe.

6. SMARTWAY2 software

SMARTWAY2 is also another office space software specially designed for social distancing and workspace management. Employees need to book their desks here too. After a successful booking, all the other desks close become unavailable. The software will not allow anyone to book a desk in close proximity. SMARTWAY2 software does not allow someone to book a desk, which is used in the previous 48 hours. The desk will become available only after 48 hours of use after proper sanitation. A countdown timer is also displayed for the people to see. This software notifies people of the desks which need to be cleaned at the time of booking. This prevents people from occupying uncleaned desks.

Organizations do not conduct as many physical meetings as before due to the pandemic situation. So, the space of the meeting rooms is sometimes underutilized. SMARTWAY2 addresses this smartly. The software identifies the areas as such, using the sensors and allocate space accordingly. For example, if there are many requests coming to book a desk at the lunchroom and if it is crowded to the maximum capacity, the software provides the opportunity for the rest to use unused areas such as meeting rooms for this purpose. This software also provides updated information about employees in case of an emergency about close contacts. On the other hand, the software collects information about the employee when they log into the book at their respective desks. There it gathers data, and the employee needs to provide self-certification that he/she is not having any of the virus symptoms and not been in contact with someone having symptoms. This ensures safety at the workplace and employee safety too.

The bottom line

So, we have brought you the best 06 COVID office space software with many details. The most challenging thing for an organization is to build trust in an employee about the organization’s safety. People start to think about the safety of the organization when they are asked to resume work at the office. The organizations also need to convince the employees to come and work at the office in a proper manner. Introducing office space software can be the most suitable way for that. The office environment needs to be safe for the employees to come and work effectively as they did before. Maintaining social distancing, preparing shifts for employees, arranging meetings, monitoring the cleaning process manually can be a hard thing for the organization too. So, they need to make use of this software to fulfill that.

Among the software discussed, hoteling software by brings out more benefits to the organizations in comparison to the others. Its flexibility and advanced technological features push it forward more. This helps the organizations to follow the health guidelines effectively due to its advanced features. After all, your employees need to feel confident and safe in the workplace to ensure more productivity. The use of technologically advanced sensors will keep the organization safe from the virus.

The main and the most important of this software is to minimize close contact. Reducing close contact is the main preventive measure of COVID 19. You need to provide confidence and a sense of safety to the employees when returning to work. So, think wisely and choose the best one. The success and the downfall, more importantly, the survival of your organization, is based on this decision you take as it seems like we need to move along with COVID 19 virus for some more time.