The SIM Toolkit – All The hidden Updates of an Awesome Application!

The modernization has created so many amazing tools to ease off the daily schedules of our life. Actually, these fundings may vary from the larger industrial level machinery tools to small household items. Further, technical advancement has introduced tools to observe even the universal space through a simple and easy way. However, when it comes to modern needs the telecommunication system has become the major discussing point among all of the tech platforms. We know, everyone used to use a mobile phone or tablet in order to communicate with each other. But, actually, it is not an easy task to it without a well-established network system. So, the SIM card is the only way to getting access to network providers. Hence, people need an advance SIM toolkit to manage the network settings and several other functions to have an excellent communication platform. Thus, we decide to discuss a bit on such awesome tech creation to avail this beneficence.

We highly believe identifying these facts may help you to think beyond the usual tasks you are doing with your mobile. And also, it is providing great help to move forward through so many barriers in this world.  

What is SIM toolkit and how it is functioning?

It is pretty sure if you are reading this piece of content, definitely, you will have a mobile phone with modern inclusions or a laptop or tablet with an internet connection. Well, there is nothing alto to argue whether you have a mobile phone or not. We know, everyone who lives in this era has experienced at least a mobile with basic features. So, a SIM card is not a strange thing for them.

Let’s imagine what can we do by using a simple SIM card. First of all, this is a small metal-based electronic circuit with a plastic guard. Isn’t it? But, amazingly, it can connect with the network settings very easily. At the same time, the network providers can operate this item with the permission of the owner. This distant operating ability has given an easily manageable user-friendly interface to this tool.

A SIM toolkit is a bit different thing when compared to this card. Actually, both of these two tools are working together on a mobile platform. So, the toolkit is not a physical item. It means, it is only a mobile tool such as software, app or tweak.

The network providers are the ones who manage these tools by sending subscription details and more. So, the subscriber may be able to identify certain things provided through network managers through this system. Ultimately, they can allow to run the services or disable the services just through an STK (SIM Toolkit).

Well, this is the simple functioning mechanism of a SIM Toolkit. But, since today we are going to discuss in a specific app to find answers for what is sim toolkit app, a lot of things are there to discuss. So, let’s move on to read more about an awesome mobile tool.

The core features of the SIM toolkit (STK)

This application system offers so many features to the users. So, it is known as one of the best application when compared to all other similar tools in the stores. Hence, let’s see what are the main and additional features of it which are designed to offer an outstanding experience.

The main feature of STK

When it comes to main features if this toolkit, we can discuss it under four different tasks. Actually, all those are very much useful for this technical era. Thus, let’s see in-depth of these features and how to use those for our benefit.

  • Manage Sim contact number

First of all, the contact number is the most vital part of a SIM. So, you know, once you buying a SIM, they will issue a contact number as well. However, is there any way to manage this number and related details without an STK? No. Then, this is an ideal application to do these tasks with the help of the network provider.

  • Back up SIM phone number into SD card

Enabling a backup may help you to import the missing details at any time. So, this feature included in STK will be a great help to ease off to solve your mistakes due to busy schedules.

  • Import phone number from SD card to your mobile phone

The STK is not only allowing you to keep a backup but also it allows you to import backed up details. So, you do not want to follow any order tool to do it. That is why we are calling it as a two in one solution for exporting and importing the details.

  • Add a new phone number

In any case, but you are thinking to move for an extra contact number in the same network provider, the STK will allow you to add this new number just thorough a few simple steps.

Extra features of SIM toolkit…

  • Import and Export Phone number

This also allows you to import and export your contact number to share it with others.

  • Delete Phone number

As we discussed above this is allowing to add new numbers. In the same way, it will allow you to delete the contact numbers at any time.

  • Multi Delete Phone number

We know, it is so difficult to delete the list of numbers from a collection one by one. Isn’t it? So, the multi deleting facility is ideally working to ease off user efforts. So, this option will perfectly match with business personnel.

  • Sent message or make a call from this app

In addition to storing, backing up and importing exporting tasks, it will allow you to make calls when necessary and even to send messages without leaving the app.

  • Copy number and text into the clipboard

When you need to share your number through other platforms such as social media’s or email, you can copy it to the keyboard through this app. So, you just have to paste it and share.

SIM toolkit for iOS, Android, Windows and Linux Availability…

In accordance with the recent data, the iOS, Android, Windows and Linux are mostly following operating systems in this mower is era. So, definitely, you may be waiting to see the extract way of getting this tool to your device which is running with any of these OSes. Hence, first of all, we thought of explaining you regarding this matter.

SIM toolkit for iOS

Actually, we know, Apple is the most restricted mobile OS when compared to others. So, we can only see this OS in Apple productions such as the iPhone and iPad. Not only that, they have included so many barriers for third party applications. Thus, anyone who is having the do called mobile tools is not eligible to use this STK.

SIM toolkit for Windows and Linux…

Well, now, it is time to move for Android which is known as the most popular OS in the world. But, before that shall we think a little in Windows and Linux as well? Actually, Windows is probably supporting PCs. But, it also has a range of mobile phones. However, the STK is not working with these either type of Windows devices. Similarly, this is not working for Linux as well.

If so, the Windows, Linux and Apple users should go for another solution through their mobile store. Probably, the iOS users may be able to see a silver line towards this app after jailbreaking their OSes. But, actually, not sure! So, it is better to explore a little on that.

Fine, now we have only one option. It is Android. Isn’t it?

Does SIM toolkit only for Android Smartphones?

Yes! From now itself, all of the other mobile users will think to exclude the following information. But, we eagerly suggest you to keep reading on the rest of this writing to gather the knowledge on how to use this STK. Actually, it is pretty sure that the developers will enable the app for all other OSes in the near future. If so, why do you escaping from these interesting facts? Well, let’s see how it will work on Android.

First of all, you may be able to use this app with any of the Android devices including smartphone, tablets or laptops. But, it should run with the Android version two point three or above. We know, the devices which are in current circulation are probably exceeding at least 4.0 of Android version. Hence, it will be easy to have it without any trouble. The next question is, whether you can have it for the original OS or not. If not what can you do?

SIM toolkit for Android and Rooting the OS…

If this SIM tool kit is not supporting for original Android version, you will have to root your device. This is a moreover similar thing to iOS jailbreaking. It means you are going to break all the security inclusions in a device to download an app.

But, fortunately, this tool is working on the original platform. So, you do not have to root your device at any point in the installation process. Hence, there is no risk of downloading this awesome application.

Even though it is through, most of the people questioning on slowing down the phone after having a new app. Is this validated for the STK as well? If so, how can we fix it? Let’s see all the bizarre truths regarding this matter through the next section of this discussion.

How to download and install the SIM Toolkit?

Downloading this awesome application is as simple as you are using a mobile device. Since you do not want to bother on whether to root or jailbreak the device, a person with basic knowledge on app downloading process can go through this easily. But, we have planned to explain the way of downloading through the following easy steps wise guide.

  • Find the App location

The first and foremost thing is finding the STK App from a trusted resource. We know, a number of similar Apps are there in varying platforms. So, you gave to find the exact tool we are discussing here.

Hence, it should be strategic. Well, let’s think you are going to find it from the Google Play store, then, you must type the name of this tool in the search bar. Then, you will receive a list of similar items. So, find the right one through the logo published in here.

But, since we are caring about our fans a lot, we have given the direct link in here. So, you may find it directly by clicking on the link given below.

  • Click on the download button

Well, once you find the tool, the next step is to allow the file to download. So, you can just click on the download button and wait for sometimes until it complete. At the same time, do not forget to check your network settings as well. Next; the installation will take place.

  • But, sometimes, your phone will ask to enable unknown resources

Here, you just have to visit the settings page and enable downloading of unknown resources.

  • Install the app and run it

Well, now, you have done almost all the things. Then, just enjoy the App.

Will it affect the normal functioning of the operating system?

Usually, a larger app may be disturbing to the normal functions of the OS. But, since this is a small tool which is sized nit more than 2.2 MB in size, it is not strong enough to create troubles for memory and many more. So, you do not need to worry about its inclusion and the system functions at any point.

The permissions to approve when downloading the app

Once you are going to install this application, it will ask you to allow certain permissions. Actually, these are very much useful to continues its functions inside your device. So, you may follow the below lines to know 4 types of permission requests you have to go through.

  • Permissions to access contact info

The app will ask permission to enter the contact info stored in your mobile. So, it will read the contact numbers when necessary and modify those in accordance with your commands. That is why you could be able to import and export the numbers and adding and deleting those at any time.

  • Allow reaching photos and media files

When you allowing the access to photos and media files stored in your phone, the app can reach the contents in the SD card. At the same time, it can modify the files as well. So, this will allow you to easy activation of value-added services.

  • Getting info related to phone ID and call history

When you wanted to memorize or find unsaved details in call history, this feature will help you a lot. Hence, do not forget to enable this to try the first stage of app installation.

  •  Network access

In here, they will ask permission to analyse your network and collect information regarding it. So, it will greatly help you to manage the data you are using when managing the tasks offering through this app.

Will it be a risk to allow permission to download?

Probably, we used to believe anything out of normal circulation is risky. At the same time, it is a bit difficult to take to approve the permissions just by one click. Actually, all these negativities are due to fake and false details circulating in this modern tech world. However, we are an honour to confirm that allowing all those permissions we have discussed above will not create any harmful things for your privacy or the safety of the device. It will only allow the maximum function of the app to enable all the beneficence for you!

What are you do not allow these permission requirements

At the same time, you have all the rights to reject those permissions. So, it will limit certain functioning of the STK. Hence, when you understand the reason behind these limited functions, you can enable it only if you really need it. But, since the app is not collecting any privacy details or not spreading harmful agents for your device, it is worth to avail and executes all the offers included in it.

The positive and negative aspects of the SIM toolkit

Reviews are the perfect way to know how much user experience it provides for the users. We know, since you are really eager to have an outstanding experience, you may be waiting to see what users are saying about this. Isn’t it?

So, basically, as same with all other tech tools, this also has both the positive and negative reviews. But, the important thing is, the positivity is higher than the negativity when compared to the percentage and numbers. Otherwise, how can it avail nearly four-start reviews from a pool of users?

What are the really appreciating factors of the App?

When we going through the review section we have noticed some descriptive information regarding its outstanding qualities. Among them, we selected this review from a one of an excellent user which clearly explains the importance of SIM toolkit for you.

“The best. I have an infinix n after formatting, the phone couldn’t make calls or sending SMS, I received spam downloads from manufacturer to reinstate it but I refused since they were from an unknown location. bt after downloading this sim tool kit. I can smile again, thanks”

But, actually, this is not the end, even the testers also having a great point of view regarding this tool. It clearly explains through the feedback noted as ” I am a data tester and I try All the applications at least once. I have to say I am using the call from app feature and I like it. Hope you keep making apps. I need to get new apps all the time to keep me happy and I have been working on a project that is the only one like it. But it has nothing to …”.

So, we hope this will be a perfect application for you. At the same time, you may use these reviews as the best evidence to keep trust on this tool.

What should they improve to expand the enjoyment

One of the users has stated like this ” Sim tool kit is very nice application but doing something really nice like value-added service example mobile recharge, cricket alerts etc not present an application”. So, the developers should pay extra attention to improve the value-added services if there is any fault. But, sometimes, this can be due to poor performances of the phone or the network errors as well.

Well, at the same time one of the other users has given the five-star review but with some suggestions to improve the tool. So, just follow this comment as well. “Removing the SIM removes some carrier info and Phone Number from Android, it does not remove the hardware identification of IMEI or MAC address, those require root access”. Actually, it is not much disturbing thing for regular users. However, we hope the developers will take action to improve those with the next update!

The details on the last update!

Actually, the SIM Toolkit available for download is the 1.0 version of it. So, they have not released an update after the first unveiling of the App. So, we hope they will release a new update as soon as possible within the near future. Thus, be ready to enjoy it to enjoy the features beyond the current things.

The developer and offerer information

The crazy tech is the ones who offer awesome tools for social circulation. So, it is an honour to mention that this is also a great production of these people.

The final verdict

It is pretty sure that this piece of content will offer all the necessary information related to SIM Toolkit. But,  actually, this is not the end and we have lots to discuss under this. So, we will eagerly post the relevant information through our upcoming posts. Hence, we invite you to read us frequently to be our frequent fan!