It is only natural that you, like everyone else, want to work somewhere where things vibrate with life and vivacity. You want to work in a fun environment. The number of companies adopting fun work environments is growing by the day. The HR belief behind the practice is steadily gaining followers. Such HR belief is based on factual data that finds that fun environments does not merely mean more smiles and laughs at the workplace. Fun environments also translate to better individual employee performance. Additionally, the practice also positively affects the personal lives of employees. Some of the measures your business can adopt to add vivacity and color to your office life are as follows:

Make Sure Your Office Is Well-Decorated

Do you think employees like those lifeless white walls and ceilings and the even more plaid lighting? Well, the matter of fact is that they don’t. While your office is indeed an office, it need not so unengagingly look like one. As the page bears out, one great idea is to add plants to your office décor. It adds just the right amount of green nature that your office needs. Employees spend most of their active hours at the office. It is only natural that you want it to reflect the company culture you want your employees to imbibe. An attractive and suitable decorated office makes work more appealing and serves to make the office a fun place.

Adopt An Official Office Dog

The number of companies with office dogs is increasing by the day. Businesses can use social media to add to the fun by uploading pics of the dog when it is up to its antics on image sharing websites like Pinterest. Office dogs are a great way to make the office culture fun. Blogs and videos of amusing interactions are sure to keep everyone in the office cheerful and gay. Office dogs help in other ways, too, as the linked article suggests. In short, office dogs a great way to enhance the quality of work and ensure employee happiness during tiring office days.

Include Happy Hours As Part Of The Office Culture

It would be wrong to assume that office fun is restricted to office premises. It’s not. And when we are talking about fun and being happy, what can make people happier than office happy hours. A couple of drinks can help sort out office issues and cement better personal bonds between employees. And I am sure most of your employees can handle a couple of drinks without getting excessively tipsy. But make it a point to clarify that employee’s fun remains fun within the confines of unintoxicated decorum.

Hold Occasional Communal Lunches

Everyone in the office will indeed take lunch; it’s good to enjoy it together at the cafeteria. It gives all company employees a chance to build interpersonal rapport. Communal lunches will introduce not only to a variety of new dishes but new people as well. However, please try to contain the school bully within you and don’t snatch other’s lunches. 🙂

Do Exercise In Groups

Do Exercise In Groups

Another good idea to add an element of fun to your office is to add two-to-five-minute breaks every one or alternate hour. Devote this break time to let your employees do simple exercises rather than spend their time of gossip and chat. A number of onsite health solutions are there to help in selecting the best matching exercises by analysing all your office’s ergonomic factors. Such practices result not only in fitter bodies but also ensures the greater mental wellbeing of employees. Such healthy practices need not necessarily be fitness exercises. Yoga and meditation would work just as well.

When you are trying to make your workplace fun, keep in mind that it is necessary to ensure that the steps are universally comfortable. There are many practices not everyone will feel comfortable doing. Lastly, before you introduce a change or addition, try first to get feedback on what the employees want.