Whether you have an IPA letter or not, submitting your documents to the MOM is essential for a successful application. These documents will include your passport, IPA letter, medical exam report, and other required documents. Before you can be granted an EP work pass, you must undergo a medical examination. The requirements will be stated in the approval letter. If your job requires a medical exam, you can schedule it in your home country or Singapore. Finally, you must submit fingerprints for the new EP card.

Minimum salary for Singapore Employment Pass

The Ministry of Manpower recently increased the minimum salary required for foreign professionals and mid-skilled workers to obtain Singapore Employment Passes. Foreign professionals are still eligible to apply for S Passes, but employers must now advertise the job openings through the Fair Consideration Framework. 

To qualify for an EP, an applicant must earn a salary that meets the points-based Complementarity Assessment Framework and a minimum salary. To be eligible for an Employment Pass, applicants must meet the minimum salary requirements and have an acceptable qualification. It typically includes a good university degree, professional qualifications, or specialist skills. The minimum salary for Singapore Employment Pass applications will increase by 10% by 2022. The new salary requirements are based on an applicant’s fixed monthly salary and are adjusted to reflect the applicant’s age. You may visit one-visa.com to find out more about employment passes.


Applicants must meet specific requirements to apply for the Employment Pass (EP). A foreign worker must have a job offer in Singapore, be in an executive or managerial position, and possess a university degree or other satisfactory professional qualifications. In addition, applicants must have the necessary specialized skills, which are in high demand in fast-growing industries. In addition, an applicant should have a valid passport.

If the EP is granted, a foreign worker should arrive in Singapore within two months after receiving approval from the Ministry of Manpower. The only exceptions to this rule are manual applications from foreign workers with an office in Singapore. In such cases, the applicant should have an English translation of the original documents. The employer should also ensure that the foreign worker is financially capable of sustaining their work in Singapore.

While applying for the Employment Pass, applicants should submit supporting documents and undergo a medical examination. IPersonalized Employment Passes are valid for one to two years and can be renewed for up to three years. In addition, the Employment Pass does not require employers to pay a levy when hiring an EP holder.

Processing time

First, ensure you have all the documents necessary to apply for a Singapore Employment Pass. Depending on your qualifications, you can expect to wait at least three weeks to receive your Employment Pass approval letter. You can also submit a manual application if you have no supporting documents. Processing time for this application depends on your qualification and the credentials of your employer. Secondly, ensure that you don’t start your own business or a new company before your application is processed. Lastly, make sure you have a valid passport.

If you’re applying for a Singapore Employment Pass (EP), you must earn a minimum of S$4,500 per month. If you’re working in the financial sector, your salary should be at least S$5,000 per month. It would be best if you also aimed to earn a higher salary with your work experience.

Once your application has been approved, you’ll receive a notification letter. This letter gives you permission to work and travel within Singapore. If fingerprints are required, you’ll be notified by a notification letter. You should also bring your passport, employment letter, and other documents. You’ll need to register your fingerprints and photo when the notification letter arrives. Then, you can go to an Employment Pass Services Centre within two weeks.

If your application is rejected, you have three months to appeal it. However, it’s important to note that appeals are only considered if you’ve presented new information that explains why the rejection was a mistake. An appeal takes around three weeks. The processing time for an Employment Pass in Singapore is generally two to three years, but you can renew it for up to three years. To apply for a renewal, you need to submit scanned copies of your resume, educational certificates, and a copy of your passport. You can check the status of your application on the MOM website.