Sport played by Harry Potter – Codycross Answers

Sport played by Harry Potter - Codycross Answers

I think this riddle is a little easier compared to other CodyCross puzzles. Many people know the Sport played by Harry Potter. But some don’t know this. But don’t worry we have the answer for you. 

Sport played by Harry Potter


Everybody knows Harry Potter. People love harry potter films and books. It is written by JK Rowling. The first Harry Potter book published in 1997 and the first movie released in 2001. The story is based on a magic school and an orphan boy called Harry Potter. One thing that has attracted a lot of people here quidditch game. 

Quidditch was introduced to the franchise in its inception, Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone. Rowling came up with this idea when she in a hotel room. The reason she introduces the game was that it needed an event to bring these characters together. What is a good one other than a sport?

It is a bit like a normal game but it’s magical. An oval-shaped pitch uses to play quidditch. Unlike real-life sports, quidditch players use the space. They flying on iconic brooms. There are different types of brooms. Like the real world, most quality ones are the most expensive ones. But clever players like Harry received good brooms for free.

A quidditch team should have 7 players. There should be three Chasers, two Beaters, one Keeper, and one Seeker. A quidditch match play with three types of balls. The scarlet Quaffle, the two Bludgers, and the Golden Snitch. Harry was a seeker. He played for Gryffindor’s house.

The quaffle is like a football. The team can score a goal worth 10 points by throwing the quaffle into one of the enemies’ three rings. Chasers are the scores and the keeper should block it. The two Bludgers attack team players but the Beaters should defend them. The most important ball is the golden snitch. Seekers’ job is to find it and catch it. When a seeker caught it 150 points give to the seeker’s team and the game ends.

So the Sport played by Harry Potter is Quidditch. It has 9 words which are exactly matching the puzzle and the known words are match too.

I hope this will help you. We not only solved the riddle we told you many details about the quidditch magic game. Don’t stop here check out our other answers with explanations. Keep playing.

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