Revamp Your Home's Décor

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past few years, you’ve probably heard the word ‘sustainability’ thrown around a lot recently as there’s an increased focus on climate change and being eco-friendly.

Sustainability, basically just means that something is being done in a way that has a minimal impact on our planet and can be used for generations to come.

So, with this increased focus on a sustainable future, many homeowners are looking for how they can sustainably revamp their homes décor!

Give Wooden Furniture & Units A Facelift

Wooden furniture and units can be very hardy, if they’re properly made and maintained they will last for decades, if not centuries before wear and tear runs them down. One downside of wooden furniture’s long lifestyle is that after a few years they can start to loose their sheen and look dull.

So, if you have old wooden items that are starting to look a bit tatty, don’t throw them away, with a  bit of elbow grease you can restore wooden pieces or give them a new look. Simply give the wood a light sanding, then either use wood stain to restore them to their former glory or use paint to give them aa modern new look.

Swap Out The Fabric On Your Window Blinds

Window blinds can last for a while before they start to show signs of their age, but when they do it becomes quite noticeable. Unfortunately a set of tatty old blinds can completely ruin the look of a room, so when they start to show their wear and tear most people will replace them.

But, you don’t need to replace everything, in most cases it is only the fabric of the blind that needs replacing and the hardware of the blind should still be perfectly fine. So, instead of outright replacing the whole blind, you can simply remove the fabric and swap it out with some replacement blinds fabric, to give your blinds a fresh look without any unnecessary waste. 

Give Soft Furnishings A Deep Clean

If you have old soft furnishings like curtains, rugs and carpets that are starting to show their age, you needn’t throw them out and replace them with new ones. In fact, the fact your soft furnishings have survived long enough to show their age is a testament to their quality.

Rather than chuck out your soft furnishings, a deep clean should help bring them back to life and help them look brand new. Either by doing an intensive hand clean, using a cleaning service or using a steam cleaner, you can remove dirt, dust and debris from your furnishings which will restore them to their true look.

Repurpose Household Items For Décor

Another way to sustainably upgrade your home’s décor, aside from restoring items, is repurposing items to turn into décor pieces, this means your upcycled item doesn’t end up in landfill and helps you avoid purchasing new items which will eventually end up in landfill.

There are plenty of upcycling projects you can undertake, but a few popular ones include: turning old cans and tins into plant pots, using reclaimed or old wood and turning it into shelves, creating collage wall art from old magazines, or even making your own coasters from the corks of wine bottles.