Ten Gadgets & Tools To Integrate Into Your New Kitchen

Humans spend hours in their kitchen every day performing various tasks but seldom stop to think about how they can enhance their kitchen experience. An efficient, well-designed, and appealing kitchen can significantly improve your life. You can cook meals faster, enjoy a pleasant ambiance while having your dinner, and improve the overall look of your home. 

The key to successfully remodeling a kitchen is a carefully planned process. If you feel your kitchen is a bit shabby, dingy, outdated, rustic, or plain, then maybe its time to invest a little to remodel it. However, homeowners gearing up to dive headfirst into refurbishing their simple kitchen into a modern modular kitchen must remember to carefully plan and layout their abstract ideas into a concrete plan. Here are some steps people can rely on to remodel their kitchen in the best manner: 

Steps for Remodeling a Kitchen 

Gather Ideas and Create a Plan 

Begin by understanding your vision and converting the ideas into an original layout. You can use the internet for inspiration. Study various remodeling plans created by other homeowners. The choice of materials, textures, colors is one aspect of a room design, but a kitchen is a workspace. You need to design a well-organized space for maximum utility and efficient workflow.

Set Budget, Timelines & Call the Professionals

Once you have laid out your remodeling concept on paper, you must plan out the cost and expenses of the project by either doing your research or consulting with professionals. Study profiles and hire the best professionals for the various remodeling jobs.

Prep Your Kitchen

After finalizing the design, paperwork, and crew, you need to prepare your kitchen for the teardown. Pack your furniture and appliances and book an olympia storage unit near you to store your belongings safely until the kitchen is ready. 

Sort Plumbing and Electrical Issues

Both plumbing and electricity are necessary to maintain the kitchen’s inner workings. A clear and exposed kitchen is the perfect time to address any plumbing and electrical issues. Develop a separate plan to accommodate all the plumbing requirements and electrical gadgets in the kitchen after consulting your designer, plumber, and electrical engineer.  

Install Modern Kitchen Appliances

In this step, you must order your new gadgets and tools and have them installed in your upgraded kitchen. Most Washington residents prefer a modern kitchen with high-tech appliances, space-saving designs, and a stylish interior. There are so many gadgets and tools available in the market to cook proficiently that sometimes it can be hard to choose between the various options. If you are interested in putting together a modern modular kitchen, here are some options to consider. 

Ten smart and functional gadgets and tools 

1. An Appealing Corner Organizer

According to a US government survey, Americans spend approximately 30 minutes preparing food per day. Corner organizers can reduce this time significantly by ensuring all daily use cookware is easily accessible.

2. An Insta Hot Water Tap

Boiling water is a significant part of cooking almost every meal; however, it takes time. Installing an insta hot water tap can give you access to unlimited hot water with just one touch.

3. A Pull-Down Storage Rack

Stop using footstools to access high shelves or cabinets in your kitchen. Invest in smart storage racks to easily access tins or cans stored high or in the back.

4. Smart Drawer Inserts

Sort the clutter of cutlery and dishes in your kitchen drawers by sorting everything with innovative drawer inserts. Imagine the time you’ll save if you don’t have to search for a spatula again.

5. A Charging Station Inside a Cabinet/Drawer

Most people enjoy listening to music, watching videos, or following online recipes while cooking in the kitchen. If you like doing this too, install a charging station inside your cabinet or drawer, so your gadgets never run out of battery and keep you entertained throughout the cooking process.

6. A Workstation Sink

A workstation sink features a large double bowl sink, selection of cutting boards, drying racks, and more so you can multitask while preparing meals and keep your counter clean.

7. An Undercounter Microwave Or Oven

Placing a microwave or oven on the counter can create valuable slab space and unwanted clutter. You can install an oven under the countertop to save valuable space and give your kitchen a modern seamless look.

8. A Built-In Pantry Or Larder

You can eliminate freestanding kitchen units or shelves from your kitchen to free up space and install a built-in pantry or larder. It can give your kitchen a unique look and provide functional storage space. 

9. Pull Out Units

A clean and clear counter space makes cooking faster and easier. You can also enjoy an efficient meal preparation routine by installing your coffee maker, grinder, mixer, toaster, rice cooker, and other essential appliances in pull-out units and eliminating the clutter from your countertop.

10. A Smoke Detector and Alarm

While a smoke detector can protect your kitchen from serious accidents, an alarm can help you set reminders to turn off the oven or remove the dishes from the dishwasher. 


After the installation is complete, your kitchen remodeling project will be 90% complete with gadgets and gizmos to add a high degree of functionality, sophistication, and style. All you will be left with are the finishing touches, including damage repairs and paint jobs. You can begin finalizing the look of your kitchen by repairing any floor or window damages sustained during the restoration process. The hard part will officially be over after these final repairs, and you can get to the fun part – the beautification and arrangement of the kitchen. Send the workers home and channel your inner creative persona to set up your kitchen for use.

Feel free to give your kitchen a touch of your personality by installing decor items that scream YOU. Paint the walls of your modern kitchen with rich pastel colors like happy yellow or calm green to liven up the place. Change the window curtains to compliment your kitchen’s new paint job, and add a few decor pieces or indoor herbs and planters to give your kitchen a natural cheer. Once everything is in place, you are free to bring back your temporarily stored kitchen appliances and tools. Arrange them in your brand new kitchen to resume a normal routine and lifestyle. Remember not to rush the process; remodeling a kitchen may take time, but the result is worth all the time and money if done right.