After a period of time, it is glad to meet you with the valuable facts. This will be a great lesson for all the WordPress blogger. Don’t you have an idea about how to be a successful individual by using the blogging? Then, follow our posts regarding SEO writing. There are enough facts you have to know in order to maintain a high ranked blog. The keyword also a very important part in this. Follow the instruction given in our previous posts to know the exact methods to find out the best suitable KW for your next content. If you do not have enough skills to select those and to create SEO friendly content, then, it is better to seek for professional support. Today, I am going to introduce a list of keyword research tools that provide professional service in your next writings.

What are the types of keyword research tools?

There were two types of tools regarding this in the technical community of 2018.  All those winning tools may help you to build excellent and detailed posts to reach more traffic in 2019 also. Hence, it is necessary to have a better understanding of those types before selecting one particular tool. These types include,

  • Basic tools
  • Competitor tools

Basic ones usually work to give appropriate KW for your content. But the competitor one will provide you well-analysed keywords. It means, those tools will analyze other high ranked sites in relation to your content and will list down the most profitable words or phrases for it. Those KWs are already proven ones through some other person’s works. Hence, the second one is comparatively best and it will help you to reach more traffic.

Now, you know the qualities of two type of tools. Therefore, compare those with your requirements and select the best one for you by referring below list.

The 6 most effective keyword research tools

This is one of the best platforms for WordPress bloggers to find out competitive KWs for their blog. Actually, this is not a basic one. It will analyze each and every corner that related to your content and will suggest you the best key phrases or words. However, this is a little bit expensive one. You can try it for free with two weeks free trial of it. After that, you will need to pay for enjoying its advanced features.

How to research using this? First, copy and paste link to your post or any other related link in it. Then it will take some time and analyse the best list for you.  Experience this at least ones to feel the difference happening on your site.

If you looking for a successful basic keyword research tool in 2018 SEO this will be the best choice for you. You can download GKP totally free of charge through Google Play Store. You can register with it by using your Gmail account. However, there are some general limitations when using this planner. Unavailability to analyse KWs presented in other search engines is the main limitation among them.

You will be able to search for most deep KW ideas with this tool. The organic CTR feature of this explorer will give you best ideas on how much clicks you can earn through that particular word. It is an amazing unique feature for this.

A highly recommended tool for professionals of SEO. You can analyze in a bit depth by using it. Hence, it will provide more competitive key phrases for you. If you are a newbie to this field, still you can enjoy it. But, in the first few days, you have to spend a little more time to adapt to it.

This will help you to research most of the web servers in one place. This is a competitor based tool. The favourite feature of this is the facility to save your selected KWs.

Jaaxy is another useful tool. It will offer you the best keys in relation to your competitor’s ideas. The QSR or Quoted Based Result is an amazing feature of this. It will show you the ways, the others have used that particular word or phrases to rank in search engines. It is better to select the lowest value, then you will be able to come into top places in SERP. The best tool to use by SEO practitioners.

Why keywords are important in a content?

The KW is most important in on-page SEO practice. Keyword density in SEO is used to select your content into top results in the Google result page. Hence, there is an opportunity to attach more visitors to it. If you need to know the basics of keyword usage in SEO you can refer the previous posts of E find anything. Even though, you have found the best choices through above-mentioned methods, you will not get the expected results if you do not place them accordingly.

The bottom line

This writing will guide you to select the best keyword research tool for 2019. Select the best tool that suits your requirement and continue with it. Then you will be strong enough to become master in KW selection. Enjoy your journey in the technical field with this knowledge. Hope to meet you soon with another valuable lesson on SEO. Keep engaging with our next posts to know technical details on this field.