Sewer Drain Repair Plumber

Few situations are as disruptive or hazardous for homeowners as sewer and drain problems. Clogged, leaking or damaged sewer lines and drains create messy, unhealthy and stressful scenarios. Sewage backups, overflows and foul odors can cause extensive property damage and present serious public health risks if not addressed quickly. Calling a professional sewer drain repair plumber like The Relining Company, provides access to specialized services and advanced tools to diagnose and fix a wide range of drain problems.

Plumbers have the equipment, knowledge and experience to tackle residential and commercial sewer issues ranging from minor clogs to complete drain overhauls. Their technical expertise and appropriate use of trenchless repair methods, replacement techniques, drain cleaning tools and emergency services helps resolve sewer problems with minimal disruption. Here are some of the key services an experienced sewer drain repair plumber can provide:

Sewer Line Inspections

Plumbers can perform sewer line inspections using a drain camera to assess the location, extent and cause of clogs, leaks, root infiltration or pipe damage. Thorough inspections are crucial to pinpointing issues and determining the right repair method.

Sewer Line Cleaning

For clogged drains, plumbers have heavy duty sewer augers and water jetting equipment to clear even the toughest blockages caused by grease, soap buildup, roots, collapsed pipes and other obstructions. This restores proper flow.

Sewer Line Repairs

Plumbers have expertise repairing damaged sewer system components including cracked pipes, misaligned joints, broken connections and more using trenchless technologies like pipe bursting/splitting, slip lining, and pipe patching to minimize digging.

Sewer Line Replacement

For severely damaged sewer lines beyond repair, a plumber can handle full pipe replacement including trench excavation, installing new piping to code, connecting to the main sewer line and restoring landscapes damaged in the process.

Emergency Sewer Service

Reputable plumbers offer 24/7 emergency sewer repair to promptly resolve backed up sewer lines and sewage overflows which can damage property and pose a health hazard. They are equipped to handle emergencies.

Sink, Shower & Toilet Drain Repairs

Plumbers are experts at clearing sink, tub, and toilet clogs using plungers, augers, and water blasting methods. They can also repair or replace defective or leaking drain assemblies below sinks and toilets.

Sewer Pump & Grinder Maintenance

Plumbers service critical sewage pumps and grinder pumps, inspecting for problems, clearing jams, replacing worn parts, and ensuring proper operation to avoid wastewater backups indoors.

Outԁoor Drаinаge Solutions 

Plumbers саn ԁiаgnose аnԁ reраir сloggeԁ or fаiling outԁoor ԁrаinаge systems inсluԁing Frenсh ԁrаins, саtсh bаsins, аreа ԁrаins, аnԁ unԁergrounԁ storm sewers to рrevent wаter рooling аnԁ flooԁing. 

Sewer Oԁor Eliminаtion 

Unрleаsаnt аnԁ unheаlthy sewer gаs oԁors саn be erаԁiсаteԁ by рlumbers using methoԁs like vent рiрe сleаning, ԁrаin treаtments, vent stасk moԁifiсаtions, аnԁ instаlling new venting systems.


By leveraging these services from licensed, professional plumbers, homeowners can tackle all types of sewer and drainage system issues from routine clogs to complete replacements. Their technical expertise provides long-lasting solutions and public health safeguards.

The extensive capabilities of a qualified sewer drain repair plumber make them an indispensable partner when faced with any type of drain emergency or chronic sewer system problem on your property. They have the tools and know-how to diagnose issues, clear blockages, enact repairs, replace defective components, restore proper drainage, eliminate odors and prevent hazardous sewage overflows.

Entrusting complex plumbing problems to a professional plumber protects your home from damage, keeps your family safe and delivers reliable results that amateur DIY efforts cannot match. If you encounter a sewer or drain problem, don’t hesitate to call a trusted local plumber to leverage their full range of services. They can solve annoying issues and prevent small problems from becoming major headaches.