What will everyone’s opinion would be on world’s toughest job and here’s the universal truth which will never ever change.

In today’s competitive world people tend to engage in so many tough tasks to survive in the business world. Some could be doctors, engineers, lawyers also some business tycoons.
Each job has its own hardships.. Each one faces their own battle. End of the day their dream is to make profits or reach a higher level.

How can these people attend to their work so peacefully?? Have any of you thought about this? No. None of us really want to know the truth behind this. How can all of them work peacefully??Because there’s this person who’s managing your whole house, your children, your expenses and everything. Basically she manages you in short. How can anyone lead a peaceful life if he doesn’t have peace at his own home.
Sometimes this person is a daughter, sometimes a wife and sometimes a mother.. She is the woman behind all these success stories.

Who says being a doctor is the toughest job ? And who says it’s the lawyer or the engineer has the most pressurized work load ever.. Why don’t we look into our own homes and realize this hidden truth.. It is the mother hood.. The world’s toughest job ever.. Being a mother is compromising so many things. So many sacrifices and end of the day it’s just a smile on her face seeing all the beautiful faces whom she puts a smile on. This job doesn’t have any specific time,nor have any breaks nor have any leisure times. It is only filled up with so many tasks over and over.. It’s simply a never-ending process which brings up tiny human beings in to successful people.


Think over it.. Try to make this woman happy who makes this world a better place to live in..start it today and start from your home.. Be a strength to them and give them a helping hand too. Even a slight appreciation matters a lot to them.. Then very soon this world will become a better place to live in.


Author : Ashani Fernando