You have to admit that your cat is pretty much self-sufficient. They can let themselves in and out of the house and keep themselves groomed. Most times, they aren’t too finicky about food as long as you find the flavors they like. Oh, they also don’t need much help when they need to use the potty. All they really need is a clean and fresh litter box.

If you love your cat, a minimal investment of time to keep the little box is usually all needed to keep the kitty purring on your lap. To help you in that regard, here are seven (7) useful tips on how to keep the kitty’s “toilet bowl” clean and fresh.

keeping litter box clean

1. Clean the Litter Box at Least Once Every Two Weeks

While you might have the temptation to stretch the time between litter box cleanings, that would not be a good idea. At a minimum, you should clean the litter box at least once every two (2) weeks. If you don’t, the smell might drive you crazy, and it will become infinitely more difficult to do the next cleaning. Oh, the offended cat might revolt by starting to use the floor.

BTW: More cats should translate to more frequent cleanings.

2. Find the Right Products

To promote faithful use of the litter box, you should find what your cat likes and make it available. That should include an easy-to-access litter box and a litter product your cat appreciates.

If the opportunity presents itself, consider going with a litter box with lid. You might find the advantages of doing so worth a slightly higher investment. It has many advantages in the long run. You will be amazed to see how much your cat likes a box with a lid, as its comfortable and gives a cozy feel.

3. Scrubb That Litter Box

When you change the litter, that’s your opportunity to clean the box well. Removing every grain of used litter is very important to ensure no remnants of bad smell remain.

The cleaning process is very simple. There is no need to use any kind of chemicals that could be harmful to pets. Warm soapy water should suffice. After cleaning the litter box, you’ll want to make sure it is completely dry before adding any new litter. If you use liners, cleaning the litter box every time is still a good idea.

4. Placement of the Litter Box Matters

If you want to keep your kitty’s bathroom smelling clean and fresh, you have to give the odors somewhere to go. You can do that by placing the litter box in a well-ventilated area. This is still a must, even if you are trying to keep the unsightly litter box out of view.

5. Clean Up Mistakes Immediately

Cats are not without fault. They are known to have accidents every once in a while. If, by chance, your cat misses the litter box, you need to clean it up the moment you realize it has happened. You should focus on targeting the smell with chemicals. Why? Cats are creatures of habit. You don’t want to give your cat the idea that where they made a mistake is an acceptable target for their future bathroom activities.

6. Replace the Litter Box

You might not realize that even the most durable litter boxes will wear down over time. Don’t fall into the mistake of thinking it will last forever. You might not realize that all of those little scratches in the plastic can hold an odor no matter how well you clean the box. At a minimum, consider replacing your litter box once a year.

7. Use Odor Eliminators

After cleaning your litter box, sprinkle some baking soda at the bottom to immediately absorb odors. You can also buy good-smelling odor-eating products that will help keep the cat’s bathroom area smelling as good as possible.

Remember, your cat can do a lot for themselves without your intervention. What they can’t do is clean up their own bathroom. As a cat owner and cat lover, that responsibility will fall squarely on your ample shoulders.