You all are welcome to our new lesson on onsite SEO practice. This is the first lesson of our whole study programme. If you willing to start at the beginning, take some time to follow our past four study packs. Today, let’s discuss more on title and subheading usage strategies in order to rank higher in the search results. You have to be wise enough to select the best phrases for those parameters. If you do not know these amazing strategies or if you struggling to build those relevent parameters, this guide will direct you to the best path.

The importance of correct title and subheading usage

The headings are the guides of a writing. There may be several subheadings according to the amount of content and your requirements. If you want to give a clear explanation of something with step by step guide, it is better to use several subheadings for it.

Usually, these are included in the H tags within an HTML article. The H1 refers to main heading or title, while H2, H3 and H4 refer to subheading accordingly. If there are two subheadings with equal importance, you have to use the same H tag. As an example, you can use H2 for both.

If you optimized your SEO subheadings in according to plan and structure of content distribution, it will imprive the quality. The title will provide an idea with the main focusing area of the content, while others are directing you through the article.

The correct way of title and subheading usage

There are a number of important requirements in the main title structure. This was already explained in the previous lesson.

Next; how do you optimise subheadings by following SEO strategies? Here, the first and most significant thing is, you have to use the appropriate number of subheadings according to the word count. Usually, it is better to use 8-10 headings for thousand word count.

Then, make sure to include your main keyword in first 2-3 subheadings. When you are including your keywords in a heading, make sure to use them at the beginning of its. This is the most important fact in setting the main heading or title.

The third most significant thing is the above-mentioned H tags. If you are a WordPress blogger, they will set those automatically in your site. Otherwise, you need to pay extra attention to it.

Next; the modifies will serve better for SEO. These modify include, the best, ultimate, in 2018 Etc.

title and subheading usage


The title and subheading usage are one of the key factors in a content building that supports for SEO. If you follow these in the correct manner along with other parameters, it will improve the readability of your site. Then you will be able to rank in SERP. Even though we are keeping full stop here, this is not the ending of our lessons. There are so many facts to study in this field. Hence, keep engaging with our upcoming posts on this. If you’re love our articles, you can read Roofing SEO: How to Generate Leads From Google article also. I think it will be get something to your seo life.