As we men get older, we can hear from others that we become more susceptible to symptoms of low testosterone, which include losing muscle strength, gaining body fat, decreased energy, and diminished libido, to name a few. However, men of all ages can experience decreased levels of testosterone. Andropause can cause this, along with other factors. Bio-identical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT) can help with that. Let’s find out how exactly.

Turning Back the Clock: On Andropause and BHRT

On Andropause and Bio-identical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT)

BHRT can help men regain and maintain their natural, optimal testosterone levels. The testosterone given in BHRT contains the same chemical structure as your body’s natural hormones. Now, doctors and other medical professionals can reintroduce them into your body, where they will immediately begin to improve your health and energy. Since these testosterone supplements are identical to your hormones, they produce no adverse effects on the body.

Many medical professionals now recommend natural BHRT instead of traditional chemically manufactured hormone therapy. BHRT is recommended because artificially created or chemically manufactured hormones have little to no resemblance to our natural hormones’ molecular structures. These unnatural hormones are also not easily processed by human livers. Furthermore, research has proven that they may be responsible for dangerous side effects.

Some men can continue to produce good levels of testosterone in their 70s and 80s even after undergoing andropause (male menopause) in their 50s. Even so, signs of andropause can be experienced by men early in their 30s, although symptoms of andropause usually manifest themselves between the ages of 40 and 55. Testosterone levels peak in men at age 25 and decline 1 to 2% per year after peaking. However, regardless of age, decreasing testosterone levels can cause a severe disruption in your everyday life because of several symptoms like irritability and nervousness, depression, fatigue, brittle bones, decreased height and libido, and poor memory. Bio-identical hormone replacement therapy “turns back the clock” to restore your testosterone levels to their levels in your younger years. Most get surprised at how much energy, vitality, and virility they regain when undergoing BHRT.

The Best Kind of Hormone Therapy

BHRT is recommended as the best kind of therapy for treating hormones. This is because the hormones used in BHRT are completely natural, are the same as the hormones produced by our body, and contain no artificial substances which may cause dangerous side effects. If you feel like this hormone therapy is for you, certain wellness centers like KC Medical can help you revitalize and zest up your life with hormone therapy! Moreover, hormone replacement therapy programs will help you regain optimal testosterone levels, reversing many symptoms that one can experience due to low testosterone, especially in their later years.

Wellness centers that offer bio-identical hormone replacement therapy can help you improve your quality of life. After disclosing your full medical history and taking the prerequisite medical tests, a program that includes BHRT can be tailor-made for you! As a result, you’ll soon feel more like your old self and reap the benefits of BHRT: increased sex drive and stamina, renewed strength, and sharper mental focus.