Wendy Etris is a name that has been making waves in the world of wrestling for quite some time now. As the wife of the renowned wrestler A.J. Styles, Wendy has managed to carve out a name for herself in the industry, thanks to her unwavering support and commitment to her husband’s career. In this article, we delve deeper into Wendy Etris’s life, exploring everything from her biography to her net worth, height, and age.

Wendy Etris

Born on September 17, 1978, in Georgia, Wendy Etris grew up in a family of wrestling enthusiasts. Her father was a wrestling coach, and as a child, Wendy would often accompany him to wrestling matches. It was during one of these events that she met A.J. Styles, who would later become her husband. Wendy and A.J. hit it off instantly, and the rest, as they say, is history.

Today, Wendy Etris is a well-known figure in the wrestling community, thanks to her active involvement in her husband’s career. She has been a constant source of support for A.J. Styles, accompanying him to matches and cheering him on from the sidelines. In this article, we take a closer look at Wendy’s life, exploring everything from her early years to her current net worth and height.

Early Life and Background

Wendy Etris

Wendy Etris, also known as Wendy Jones, was born on May 25, 1978, in Georgia, United States. She grew up in a middle-class family and had a happy childhood. Wendy attended Sprayberry High School in Marietta, Georgia, where she was a cheerleader and actively participated in school activities.

After completing high school, Wendy enrolled at the University of Georgia, where she pursued a degree in marketing. During her time at the university, Wendy was involved in various extracurricular activities, including volunteering for a local non-profit organization.

After graduating from college, Wendy started working as a marketing executive for a large corporation. She continued to work in the corporate world for several years before deciding to pursue her passion for health and fitness.

Wendy became a certified personal trainer and started her own fitness business, which quickly became successful. She also met her future husband, A.J. Styles, during this time, and the two got married in 2000.

Overall, Wendy Etris had a successful and fulfilling early life, with a strong focus on education, personal growth, and community involvement.

Meeting A.J. Styles

Wendy Etris

When we researched Wendy Etris’ life, we found out that she met her future husband, A.J. Styles, when they were both attending Johnson County Community College in Overland Park, Kansas. They both were taking part in a Christian Fellowship group, and they got to know each other through their shared faith.

According to Wendy, their first date was at a local coffee shop, where they talked for hours. They quickly realized they had a lot in common, including their love for sports and their desire to start a family one day.

After dating for a few years, A.J. proposed to Wendy in a very romantic way. He took her to a lake where they had shared many happy memories, and he got down on one knee and asked her to be his wife. Wendy said yes, and they got married on August 5, 2000.

Since then, Wendy has been A.J.’s biggest supporter as he has become one of the most successful wrestlers in the world. She has been there for him through all the ups and downs of his career, and she has helped him stay grounded and focused on what really matters in life.

Marriage and Family Life

Wendy Etris

Wendy Etris married A.J. Styles in 2000. They met in high school and have been together ever since. The couple has been married for over two decades and has three children together.


Wendy and A.J. have three children: Ajay Covell, Avery, and Albey. Ajay Covell, their eldest son, was born in 2005. Avery, their daughter, was born in 2007. Albey, their youngest son, was born in 2010.

Privacy and Public Presence

Wendy Etris is a private person and prefers to keep her personal life out of the public eye. She has rarely been seen in public with her husband and children and does not have any social media accounts. Despite her husband’s fame and success in the wrestling industry, Wendy has managed to maintain a low profile and keep her family life private.

In conclusion, Wendy Etris is a devoted wife and mother who values her family’s privacy. She has been married to A.J. Styles for over two decades and has three children with him. Despite her husband’s fame, Wendy has managed to keep her personal life out of the public eye and maintain a low profile.

Professional Endeavors

Wendy Etris

Wendy Etris, also known as the wife of professional wrestler A.J. Styles, has kept a relatively low profile in terms of her professional endeavors. However, she has been known to support her husband’s career and has occasionally made appearances on WWE programming.

Etris has also been involved in charitable work, particularly with the Make-A-Wish Foundation. She and her husband have granted numerous wishes for children with life-threatening illnesses, bringing joy to their young fans.

Aside from her involvement in her husband’s career and charitable work, there is limited information available about Etris’ professional endeavors. However, her support for her husband and dedication to giving back to the community showcase her admirable character and values.

Net Worth and Financial Standing

Wendy Etris

When it comes to Wendy Etris’ net worth, it is currently unknown as she has not disclosed any financial information publicly. However, given her husband’s success as a professional wrestler, it is safe to assume that the couple’s financial standing is quite comfortable.

Wendy’s husband, A.J. Styles, has an estimated net worth of $6 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth. His income primarily comes from his successful career in the wrestling industry, where he has won numerous championships and accolades.

In addition to his wrestling career, Styles has also made appearances in movies and television shows, which have likely contributed to his overall net worth. It is important to note that net worth estimates are not always accurate and can vary depending on the source.

Overall, while Wendy Etris’ net worth may not be public knowledge, it is safe to assume that she and her husband are financially stable and comfortable.

Physical Attributes


Wendy Etris stands at an impressive height of 5 feet 8 inches (173 cm). This makes her taller than the average American woman, which is around 5 feet 4 inches (163 cm). Her height is often highlighted when she attends events with her husband, A.J. Styles, who is also known for his towering height of 5 feet 11 inches (180 cm). Wendy’s height gives her a commanding presence and enhances her overall appearance.


Wendy Etris has a stunning appearance that complements her height. She has beautiful blonde hair that she often styles in loose waves or straight. Her bright blue eyes are a striking feature that adds to her overall beauty. Wendy is known for her fit and toned physique, which she maintains through regular exercise and a healthy diet. Her fashion sense is also noteworthy, as she often appears in stylish outfits that showcase her figure and enhance her natural beauty.

Public Perception and Media

When it comes to public perception and media coverage, Wendy Etris is mostly known for being the wife of A.J. Styles, a professional wrestler. However, she has managed to keep a relatively low profile and has not been the subject of much media attention.

Despite her husband’s fame, Wendy has managed to stay out of the spotlight and maintain a private life. She is not very active on social media and rarely makes public appearances, which has helped her maintain a level of privacy that many celebrities struggle to achieve.

That being said, Wendy has been supportive of her husband’s career and has been seen attending many of his wrestling matches. She has also been known to interact with fans on social media and has been praised for her kindness and generosity.

Overall, Wendy Etris is a private individual who has managed to stay out of the public eye despite being married to a famous wrestler. While she may not be as well-known as her husband, she has earned the respect and admiration of many fans for her supportive and kind nature.

Philanthropy and Community Involvement

Wendy Etris is not just known for being the wife of A.J. Styles, but she is also known for her philanthropic work and community involvement. She has been actively involved in various charitable organizations and has made significant contributions towards social causes.

One of the notable charitable organizations that Wendy has been involved in is the Boys & Girls Clubs of America. She has supported the organization by donating funds and participating in various fundraising events. In addition, she has also been involved in the Make-A-Wish Foundation, which grants wishes to children with life-threatening medical conditions.

Apart from her involvement in charitable organizations, Wendy has also been actively involved in her local community. She has volunteered her time and resources towards various community projects and events. For instance, she has been involved in organizing community clean-up events and has also participated in local food drives.

Wendy’s involvement in philanthropy and community work is a testament to her kind-hearted nature and her commitment towards making a positive impact in the world. Her contributions have not only helped those in need but have also inspired others to get involved in charitable causes.

Social Media Presence

Wendy Etris, the wife of A.J. Styles, has a strong social media presence. She is active on various social media platforms, including Instagram and Twitter. Her Instagram handle is @wendyjonesertis, and she has over 50k followers. On Twitter, she goes by the handle @WendyEtris and has over 10k followers.

On her Instagram page, Wendy frequently shares pictures of her family, including her husband and children. She also shares pictures of her daily life and travels. Her posts are often accompanied by heartfelt captions, which give her followers a glimpse into her personal life.

Wendy is also active on Twitter, where she engages with her followers and shares her thoughts on various topics. She often retweets posts from her husband and other wrestlers, showing her support for the wrestling community.

Overall, Wendy Etris has a strong social media presence, which allows her to connect with her fans and share her life with them. Her posts are genuine and heartfelt, which has helped her build a loyal following on social media.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is known about Wendy Etris’s background?

Wendy Etris was born on May 21, 1978, in Georgia, USA. She is a private person and has kept her family background and early life away from the limelight. However, it is known that she met her husband, A.J. Styles, while they were both attending Johnson County High School in Wrightsville, Georgia.

What is Wendy Etris’s net worth?

Wendy Etris’s net worth is estimated to be around $500,000. She has not disclosed her sources of income, but it is believed that she has been involved in several business ventures with her husband.

How tall is Wendy Etris?

Wendy Etris’s height is not publicly known. However, her husband, A.J. Styles, is 5 feet 11 inches tall.

What is Wendy Etris’s age?

As of 2024, Wendy Etris is 45 years old.

How many children do Wendy Etris and A.J. Styles have together?

Wendy Etris and A.J. Styles have four children together. Their names are Ajay Covell Jones, Avery Jones, Albey Jones, and Anney Jones.

What are some interesting facts about Wendy Etris’s life with A.J. Styles?

Wendy Etris and A.J. Styles have been together since high school and have been married for over 20 years. They have built a successful life together, both personally and professionally. Wendy is known for being a supportive wife and mother, often traveling with her husband and children to his wrestling events. In addition to being a wife and mother, Wendy has also been involved in charitable work with her husband, supporting various causes and organizations.