Medication cushions are one of the less-known types of pillows. They might be exactly what you need to manage your chronic pain. A medication pillow is specially designed to make taking and taking care of medication easier. This can mean ever-so-slight changes in your life that provide big benefits — especially if you have chronic health problems.

What Are Medication Cushions

Here we will go over the basics of coussin de méditation: what they are, how they work best with certain conditions, and where you can find a good one for yourself.

How does medication cushion work?

Medication cushions are a type of orthopedic pillow. They offer limited back-sleeping support since they don’t offer full lumbar support but help you to maintain correct posture, which is something that you need for getting the most out of your medication.

The pillows, also called “cushions”, are filled with air and have a soft padding material inside. They come in all different shapes and sizes, from small pillows to larger ones that can fill in for a full-size mattress. There are also machine-washable versions if you want to replace your cushion while not using it.

Cushions can be used in a variety of ways:

  • As a spot to rest while taking medication
  • As a foam cushion to rest up against while taking medication
  • Under pillows or between your legs
  • In place of an entire pillow while sleeping

The air inside allows you to shape the cushion any way you need it! The benefits are that the cushions are comfortable, affordable and easy to find. You might even be able to make your own, which can save you a lot of money. However, you should make sure that you are only using cushions that are meant for medical purposes and that don’t contain chemicals or toxins. You can ask your doctor or pharmacy if they carry any brand recommendations.

Where can you find the best medication cushion?

There are many different types of pillows out there, so where should you start if you are looking for the perfect one?

First and foremost, the best place to find a reliable pillow is in your doctor’s office or hospital. Although not every medical professional will have a pillow on hand, there is no reason why your doctor shouldn’t! They can also recommend pillows that are comfortable for your particular type of condition.

If using cushions from these sources isn’t enough, then you can always order cushions online from specialty websites like Amazon or even at local medical supply stores.

These specialized places often carry more than just medication cushions: they may also sell speciality pillows, including memory foam pillows.