A car neutralizer, like all car parts, has a limited service life, which, if certain rules and recommendations are followed, can be significantly extended. This way you can put off costly exhaust system repairs. For this reason, many car owners, hearing about possible problems with this spare part, are interested in ways to extend the service life of this component.

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What to do to correctly assess the condition of the neutralizer

The converter cannot be repaired if:

  • A rattling or strange noise is heard. This indicates that the ceramic honeycomb has broken down.
  • A light comes on indicating an engine malfunction. When an engine fails, in most cases the consistency of the air-fuel mass is disrupted, causing the part to interact with unburned fuel.

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How to influence the service life of a part by extending it

To avoid problems with your car in the short and long term, try to follow simple rules for operating your car:

  • Try to fill your car only with high-quality gasoline or diesel fuel. If possible, you should never skimp on this, because high-quality fuel contains fewer additives and has a better effect on the operation of all sensors and spark plugs.
  • It is very important to pay sufficient attention to the condition of the ignition system and the entire fuel system. It is necessary to check and change spark plugs in a timely manner, monitor the serviceability of the fuel filter, as well as timely cleaning of the fuel-air tract.
  • The engine should not be started by a push, since if unburned fuel enters the catalytic converter, the part may overheat and fail prematurely.
  • When the engine is running, do not check the supply of high-voltage current to the spark plugs by removing the tips of the contact wires, since fuel from the currently inactive cylinder may enter the converter.
  • If several attempts are made to start the engine, take a short break to allow any fuel trapped in the assembly to evaporate naturally.
  • When repairing the electrical system and it is necessary to turn on the ignition, it is necessary to prevent fuel from entering the exhaust system; to do this, it is necessary to turn off the power relay on the fuel pump.

If the converter in your car is still unusable, it should be replaced with a new similar part or an alternative component, such as a flame arrester, should be installed in the exhaust system. To do this, you need to contact a specialized car service to accurately diagnose the nature of the malfunction and carry out high-quality repairs.