Why Should Your Shopping Complex Always Hire A Skip Bin?

Running a thriving modern shopping complex comes with an abundance of operational demands from managing retailers and inventory to cleaning, maintenance, landscaping and more. With hundreds of staff, vendors and thousands of visitors passing through everyday, one key to keeping a large-scale commercial property looking its best involves effective waste management.  

Given the sheer volume of garbage produced across multiple stores, food courts, corporate offices and common areas, an ever-present industrial skip bin onsite streamlines removing waste efficiently. Here’s why you should hire a skip bin from a professional waste contractor like BestPriceSkipBins. It should be part of every shopping complex’s standard arsenal for cleanliness and practicality.

Hassle-Free Waste Collection For High Traffic Areas

Between food wrappers, packaging from goods, crockery from food outlets and other miscellaneous items tossed out from shoppers or left behind on tables and benches – public litter cans easily overflow. This leads to undesirable unsightly overflow of garbage. Having centrally placed 6 or 8 cubic metre skip bins allow visitors and cleaners to quickly dump rubbish easily without clogging bins. External placement also keeps food scraps isolated from shops to prevent pests.

Streamlined Bulk Waste Sorting And Transfer  

For retailers, inventory that expires, gets damaged or packaging from goods shipped in needs organised sorting and disposal in accordance to regulations. Using clearly labelled recycling skips, paper/cardboard skips and general waste skips provides dedicated waste stations across loading docks for each category to be dumped segregated – rather than having loose trash pile up internally in spaces not meant as storage. Skip bins can then systematically be hauled away, allowing efficient back-of-house waste management.

Reliable Waste Collection Schedule

Rather than rely on overworked cleaning staff to transport cumbersome bags of garbage through shopping complexes to central disposal areas – skip bin providers will arrive promptly on a fixed schedule to remove filled bins. This could be daily, 2-3 times a week or weekly. New empty skips get rotated in so ample waste stations remain available on grounds with minimal landlord oversight needed.  This takes the burden off facility maintenance teams.

Reputable Provider Expertise 

Given how many businesses operate within one shopping complex, from boutique retail stores to pharmacies, fresh food grocers, food court operators and more – waste produced runs the spectrum from general refuse to food scraps, paper/cardboard and even chemicals or medical waste at times. Established skip bin contractors have protocols to provide the right bin types based on intended usage. They also safely handle, transport and dispose of regulated waste per environmental guidelines – expertise individual business owners often lack.

Custom Branding Options

Modern shopping complexes focus extensively on consumer experience from layout aesthetics to brand consistency. Contracting directly with an industrial skip company allows landlords to request custom wraps or branding on skip bins in signature fonts, colors and logos matching the development’s style guidelines. This effectively blends them into the landscape versus looking like an eyesore. Some suppliers even allow advertising space to be sold on wraps to generate ancillary revenue.

Cost Savings From Collective Supplier Agreement 

The collective purchasing power negotiating under one commercial landlord allows very reasonable per-bin rental rates and frequency of scheduled waste hauls across the expansive property to suit tight facility budgets. Given the high upfront cost for shopping complexes to own skips, compactors and invest in hauling/disposal logistics – having an all-inclusive managed waste plan through third party skip specialists allows more savings directed to retail upkeep and shopper satisfaction efforts instead.


The countless moving parts keeping shopping complexes running means proactive planning for sufficient waste infrastructure pays big dividends to enhance cleanliness, operations and aesthetics. Positioning skip bins strategically across the premises supported by a customised waste removal schedule from a professional skip company takes hassle out of the equation to let landlords focus on more pressing priorities. After all, overflowing rubbish is the last impression you want leaving visitors.