We were all surprised when we saw Symmetra’s new hand in the latest Overwatch update. The character, who previously had a prosthetic hand, now has a new, fully functional hand. Many fans have been wondering why the developers at Voyanskaya decided to give Symmetra this upgrade.

One theory is that the new hand is a result of Symmetra’s increased popularity among players. The character has been gaining a lot of attention lately, and Voyanskaya may have wanted to give players a new reason to play as her. Another possibility is that the new hand is part of a larger storyline for the character, and we can expect to see more developments in future updates. Regardless of the reason, the new hand has definitely sparked a lot of discussion among fans of the game.

Overall, it’s clear that the addition of Symmetra’s new hand is a significant change to the character. Whether it’s a nod to her growing popularity or part of a larger storyline, we’re excited to see how this change will affect gameplay and the future of Overwatch.

Who Is Voyanskaya

Why Voyanskaya Gives Symmetra a New Hand

Voyanskaya is a character in the Overwatch universe who is known for her expertise in cybernetic enhancements. She is a skilled engineer who has worked with many heroes, including Symmetra.

In the lore, Voyanskaya is responsible for creating Symmetra’s new prosthetic hand. This hand is designed specifically for Symmetra’s unique abilities, allowing her to manipulate hard light and create structures with ease.

Voyanskaya is a trusted ally of Overwatch and has worked with many heroes to improve their abilities and equipment. Her expertise in cybernetics is unmatched, and she is highly respected within the scientific community.

Overall, Voyanskaya is a key figure in the Overwatch universe and plays an important role in the development of many heroes’ abilities and equipment.

Who Is Symmetra

Why Voyanskaya Gives Symmetra a New Hand

Symmetra, real name Satya Vaswani, is a playable character in the popular first-person shooter game Overwatch. She is a damage hero with unique abilities that allow her to manipulate light and construct hard-light structures. Symmetra is one of the few characters in the game who does not use traditional firearms, instead relying on her energy-based attacks.

Symmetra’s backstory reveals that she was a member of the Vishkar Corporation, a powerful organization that specializes in urban development. She was trained in the art of hard-light construction and was tasked with implementing Vishkar’s plans for improving the quality of life in impoverished areas. However, Symmetra eventually discovered that Vishkar’s methods were unethical, and she left the corporation to join Overwatch and fight for justice.

In the game’s lore, Symmetra is depicted as a highly intelligent and disciplined individual, with a strong sense of order and precision. She is also shown to have a deep connection to her Indian heritage, incorporating elements of her culture into her design and gameplay. Overall, Symmetra is a unique and interesting character in the Overwatch universe, with a rich backstory and a distinctive playstyle.

The Relationship Between Voyanskaya and Symmetra

As we delve into the reason behind Voyanskaya giving Symmetra a new hand, it’s important to understand the relationship between the two. Voyanskaya is a renowned scientist and inventor, while Symmetra is a skilled architect and former member of the Overwatch organization.

It’s clear that Voyanskaya and Symmetra share a mutual respect for each other’s talents. In fact, Voyanskaya has been a mentor to Symmetra, helping her to hone her skills and develop new technologies. This close relationship likely played a significant role in Voyanskaya’s decision to create a new hand for Symmetra.

Additionally, Symmetra’s unique abilities and perspective likely made her an ideal candidate for testing out Voyanskaya’s new technology. As an architect, Symmetra has a keen eye for design and functionality, which would be invaluable in providing feedback on the new hand’s usability and effectiveness.

Overall, the relationship between Voyanskaya and Symmetra is one of mutual respect and collaboration. It’s clear that Voyanskaya values Symmetra’s contributions and talents, and is committed to helping her achieve her full potential.

The Significance of Giving a New Hand

Why Voyanskaya Gives Symmetra a New Hand

When we first saw Symmetra with a new hand in the latest Overwatch comic, we were curious about the reason behind it. As we delved deeper into the story, we realized that this was a significant moment for the character and the overall narrative of Overwatch.

The new hand represents a physical manifestation of Symmetra’s growth and transformation. It symbolizes her ability to adapt and overcome challenges, both in terms of her personal struggles and her role as a hero in the Overwatch universe. It also serves as a reminder of the sacrifices she has made and the obstacles she has overcome to get to where she is now.

Furthermore, the new hand serves as a powerful visual metaphor for the themes of identity and self-discovery that are central to Symmetra’s arc. As she learns more about herself and her place in the world, her physical appearance changes to reflect this newfound understanding. The hand is a tangible representation of this journey of self-discovery, and a testament to the strength and resilience of the character.

Overall, the decision to give Symmetra a new hand is a bold and impactful choice that adds depth and meaning to her character. It is a testament to the storytelling prowess of the Overwatch team, and a sign of exciting things to come for the franchise.

The Implication of the Hand in the Story

The addition of a new hand for Symmetra in the story has significant implications for the character and the overall narrative. It serves as a physical representation of her growth and development as a person and a hero.

Firstly, the new hand represents Symmetra’s ability to overcome her limitations and adapt to change. As a character who previously struggled with OCD and a fear of disorder, the addition of a new hand shows her ability to embrace the unknown and face her fears head-on. This growth is essential to her character arc and shows her evolution as a hero.

Secondly, the new hand also symbolizes Symmetra’s connection to Vishkar Corporation, the organization she previously worked for. The hand is a product of Vishkar’s technology, and its inclusion in the story suggests that Symmetra may still have ties to the corporation. This connection could potentially lead to future conflicts and plot developments.

Overall, the addition of a new hand for Symmetra is a significant development in the story. It represents her growth as a character and her connection to Vishkar Corporation. Its inclusion sets the stage for potential conflicts and plot developments in the future.

The Impact on Symmetra’s Character

By giving Symmetra a new hand, Voyanskaya has significantly impacted Symmetra’s character. The new hand represents a physical and emotional transformation for Symmetra, as she is no longer limited by her prosthetic hand and can now fully utilize her abilities as a hero.

In addition, the new hand also symbolizes a new beginning for Symmetra. She has always struggled with her identity and her place in the world, but the new hand allows her to embrace her unique abilities and fully embrace her role as a hero.

Furthermore, the new hand also adds a layer of vulnerability to Symmetra’s character. She must learn to trust her new hand and rely on it in order to be successful in battle. This vulnerability adds depth to her character and makes her more relatable to the audience.

Overall, the decision to give Symmetra a new hand has had a significant impact on her character development. It has allowed her to embrace her unique abilities, symbolized a new beginning for her, and added a layer of vulnerability that makes her more relatable to the audience.

The Reaction of the Audience

After the release of the Overwatch comic “Symmetra: A Better World,” which features Voyanskaya giving Symmetra a new hand, the audience had mixed reactions. Some fans were excited to see Symmetra’s character development and the introduction of a new character, while others were disappointed with the lack of explanation for Voyanskaya’s sudden appearance and the seemingly forced inclusion of a new character.

Many fans were also divided on the design of the new hand. Some praised the sleek and futuristic look, while others found it too bulky and out of place in the Overwatch universe. There were also concerns about the potential implications of Symmetra’s new abilities and how they could affect the game’s balance.

Overall, the reaction to Voyanskaya giving Symmetra a new hand was mixed, with some fans excited for the possibilities it brings to the character’s story, and others concerned about the potential impact on the game. Only time will tell how Symmetra’s new abilities will affect gameplay and how the character’s story will continue to develop.

The Role of the Hand in Future Events

We believe that the new hand given to Symmetra by Voyanskaya will play a significant role in future events. The hand is not just a simple replacement for Symmetra’s lost limb, but it has unique abilities that have not yet been fully explored.

One possible use for the hand is in combat situations. Symmetra is already a formidable opponent, but with the new hand, she may be able to unleash even more devastating attacks. The hand could potentially be used to create new types of energy shields or to manipulate the environment in ways that were previously impossible.

Another potential use for the hand is in the realm of diplomacy. Symmetra is known for her ability to manipulate light and energy, and the new hand could allow her to create even more intricate and complex structures. This could be useful in negotiations or in creating new technologies that benefit humanity.

Overall, we believe that the new hand given to Symmetra by Voyanskaya is not just a replacement limb, but a powerful tool that will play a significant role in shaping the future of the Overwatch universe.


In conclusion, we have explored the possible reasons why Voyanskaya gave Symmetra a new hand. It could be due to Symmetra’s exceptional skills and loyalty to the company, or it could be a strategic move to keep her on their side. It is also possible that Voyanskaya simply wanted to improve Symmetra’s quality of life and help her overcome her physical limitations.

Regardless of the reason, it is clear that Symmetra’s new hand has given her a new lease on life and has allowed her to continue to excel in her role as a field agent for Voyanskaya. The advanced technology used in the creation of her new hand is a testament to the company’s commitment to innovation and progress.

Overall, the decision to give Symmetra a new hand has proven to be a wise one, and we can only hope that this is just the beginning of Voyanskaya’s efforts to improve the lives of their employees and agents. With their dedication to cutting-edge technology and their commitment to excellence, we have no doubt that Voyanskaya will continue to thrive and succeed in the years to come.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the significance of Voyanskaya giving Symmetra a new hand?

The new hand given to Symmetra by Voyanskaya is significant as it represents a major step forward in the field of cybernetic enhancements. It shows that technology has advanced to a point where it can replace lost limbs and improve the abilities of heroes in Overwatch.

How does Symmetra’s new hand affect her abilities?

Symmetra’s new hand is designed to enhance her abilities as a hero. It allows her to manipulate light in new and more powerful ways, giving her a greater range of abilities and making her a more versatile hero overall.

What is the backstory behind Symmetra’s need for a new hand?

Symmetra lost her original hand in a battle against the Null Sector, and it was deemed necessary for her to receive a new one in order to continue serving as a hero in Overwatch.

What is the process for creating a new hand for a hero in Overwatch?

The process for creating a new hand for a hero in Overwatch involves a combination of advanced cybernetic technology and skilled medical professionals. The hero’s needs and abilities are taken into account, and the new limb is designed to enhance their capabilities in battle.

Has Voyanskaya given any other heroes new body parts?

There is no official record of Voyanskaya giving any other heroes new body parts at this time.

What impact does Symmetra’s new hand have on the Overwatch storyline?

Symmetra’s new hand represents a major advancement in the world of Overwatch, and it is likely to have a significant impact on the storyline going forward. It opens up new possibilities for cybernetic enhancements and raises questions about the ethics and implications of such technology.