Tempered Windows

Many action scenes in movies see the hero fall through a window – often clutching their nemesis – with glass shattering around them. But would that happen in real life? The answer is probably not.

Away from spy chases, most modern buildings have safety glass, helping protect people from the hazards of falls and broken shards. Read on to learn more about tempered windows and how to care for them.

What Are Tempered Windows?

If the phrase tempered sounds unfamiliar, you’ve probably heard the alternative term: safety glass.

This material is strong and is safer when it shatters, breaking into large pieces instead of small, sharp ones. This helps lower the risk of injury to any bystanders. It’s made via a rapid heating and cooling process.

It’s a popular choice in domestic and commercial buildings. It’s often used in safety doors in places like offices and schools. 

The Safety Aspect of Tempered Safety Glass

If you have ever dropped a glass, you’ll remember the effort it takes to sweep up every tiny shard from the floor.

Some can be microscopic. But providing you are thorough with your clean-up efforts, those sorts of breakages rarely cause serious injury. But that’s not the case with broken glass windows and doors, where the risk of contact is high.

Take patio doors and windows, for example. If you have these styles of doors and windows in your home, you can imagine the potential for injury if someone falls onto this glass and it shatters.

A robust and safe glass is essential in those types of circumstances.

Tempered glass must reach certain safety standards to have that label. This isn’t a marketing issue; it’s a regulatory one. Many governments have rules on what material can be considered tempered or safety glass. 

Maintaining Your Tempered Glass 

Caring for your tempered windows is the best way to ensure they last a long time. Your first priority is regular cleaning. Tempered windows work best with non-abrasive material, so use a soft sponge to clean them.

Avoid heavy chemicals and use a gentle detergent solution, like diluted vinegar.

You should also check for chips. Chips can reduce the safety aspect of tempered glass. If you spot damage, it might be time to arrange for glass repairs to your tempered windows. 

Tempered Window Installation

The safety feature in tempered windows means they cost a bit more to install than the regular type. But you must remember that they are durable and, with reasonable care, will last you a long time.

Always use a professional to fit tempered glass to ensure it’s up to standards without gaps that could lead to cracks or chips in the future. A professional can measure the space and ensure they custom fit a window accordingly. 

Tempered Glass: Keeping You and Your Family Safe

Don’t add unnecessary risks to your home. Investing in tempered windows is an excellent way of improving the safety of your surroundings. 

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