The Wood therapy is very divine treatment today because it is a very beneficial treatment. But finding reliable, relevant, and usable information about it is difficult and overwhelming. I hope you find this article helpful.

We are committed to creating experiences that will help you and your loved ones make the best decisions. Because you can understand and access high quality, evidence-based health information. In general, there are many facilities available for people to do wood therapy at home. We will investigate all these issues in this article.

This is difficult because everyone’s body responds differently to certain treatments. There are other factors to consider, such as age, weight, and frequency of treatment. It is a super healing and a very effective treatment.

What Is Wood Therapy ?

What is the definition of wood therapy? Wood therapy refers to a live massage experience performed by a machine or device, using portable tools such as rolling pin and vacuum-suction cups. Wood therapy is centuries old and originated in Asia. Spanish is popular for Madeira wood. Operators and adherents of this technique claim that it can reduce or eliminate cellulite.

In other words,

  • Increasing the circulation of lymph nodes
  • Wrinkles increase stress
  • An overall mixed bag with other benefits

If you want to try this wood therapy, be sure to use an experienced doctor. massage therapist experience is lacking, this massage technique can be quite painful. As a result, I urge you to refrain from wood therapy on the most sensitive areas of your face or body. The professional will use a variety of wooden tools. Some of these look very textured or waist-folding cupboards. Others look like a contour shape or bell. To get the most out of this treatment, do it several times a week. Must have a good knowledge of how to do this.

Let’s explain further

That you want to try this wood therapy, be sure to use an experienced doctor. If massage therapist experience is lacking, this massage technique can be quite painful. As a result, I urge you to refrain from wood therapy on the most sensitive areas of your face or body. The professional will use a variety of wooden tools. Some of these look very textured or waist-folding cupboards. Others look like a contour shape or bell. To get the most out of this treatment, do it several times a week. Must have a good knowledge of how to do this.

Is this treatment effective?

Although many have tried to question the effectiveness of wood therapy for cellulite treatment, it has failed. Massage can have benefits for reducing cellulite. Since wood therapy is a type of massage, it can helpful in reducing the appearance of cellulite, at least temporally.

Types of Massages

  • Lymphatic drainage massage

This massage technique is important for the removal of lymph nodes caused by a recent surgery or other medical procedure. It stimulates the flow of fluid in your lymph nodes and releases fluid build-up. This must be done in the right way to get a quick cure. You may need this massage daily, but be sure to do it about twice a week. Massage specialists train the patient to do it alone.

  • Deep tissue massage

This massage therapy is a deep tissue massage technique that uses slow, powerful strokes to reach the deeper layers of muscle and connective tissue. This type of massage causes muscle damage from injuries, but this treatment is very effective.

Do a deep tissue massage according to the pain Because it is determined by the pain. Your massage therapist may recommend a frequency and duration to address this underlying underlying health condition.

  • Scalp massage

Many people prefer to massage through the hair. It is a divine treatment. Massage can be very relaxing and can even lower your blood pressure and heart rate.This massage, which is spread all over the world, revealed that women who work in an office in Korea massage their scalp twice a week for 15 to 25 minutes for 10 weeks.This massage shows the idea of ​​a very strong relaxation of the mind. The scalp massage is very helpful in calming down and relieving stress.

  • Full-body massage

Popularly known as Swedish massage, it is also known as full body massage. This type of massage promotes relaxation. You can get a massage like this only occasionally, every few weeks or monthly. Like the above scalp massage method, the whole body massage is a divine treatment method.

  • Massage chair

This method is a treatment that gives a very quick cure. It is given by a massage chair. A massage chair gives relief from muscle aches or helps to relax you. World Health Information has found that healthy adults benefit from sitting in a massage chair for 20 minutes at a time. You can experience this type of massage at home by purchasing a massage chair and  you can find a place outside your home that you can use occasionally or regularly.

Wood Therapy Benefits 

This wood therapy has many benefits such as relaxation of tight muscles and high healing properties.

It even reduces the appearance of cellulite. When done correctly. Massage therapy can aid in the drainage of lymph nodes, because reducing the appearance of cellulite at least temporarily.

Wood therapy easily helps to lengthen the tissues of the body. It makes the skin smoother. There is no evidence that you can maintain these benefits in the long run or that they can be enhanced by using wooden tools.

This very valuable massage method and wood therapy, does not combine agents with creams containing creams of retinoid or caffeine thrust origin. These topical agents can give better results than wood therapy or massage. These ingredients reduce inflammation and promote lipolysis.

There are a number of benefits to this type of massage that are available to anyone of any age. And Massages can lead to many benefits,


–  Stress Reduction

– Pain Reduction

–  Low Blood Pressure

– Release of Muscle Tension

For conditions -: The following is how massage can help relieve specific painful symptoms or reduce stress and anxiety. It can also be useful during pregnancy. You may need regular massage for pain relief. Or you may find that regular, regular massage is helpful for your emotional well-being.

Back Pain

Massaging daily can relieve your back pain. A reliable source in this study has shown that deep tissue massage for 30 minutes daily for 10 days reduces patients pain.

Massage  as a treatment for low back pain lasting up to 12 weeks is now listed by a source in the American Medical Association.

Neck Pain

This massage technique is a temporary relief from neck pain and regular massage may be more effective. This treatment is especially useful for those who work in offices. One study of this treatment method found that getting 60 minutes of massage twice or thrice a week was more beneficial for people with neck pain than getting 60 minutes of massage a week or 30 minutes a week.

 Anxiety  and Stress

Once or twice a month you will find that it helps to relieve anxiety and stress as much as you want. In the history of massage, 66 percent of those who expected a massage in 2018 did so to relieve and manage stress. Consider a 60-minute massage designed to relax the muscles. According to the Mayo Clinic, this can lower your cortisol levels by 30 percent and increase your serotonin levels by 28 percent. This will relax you and improve your mental health.


Findings from 2010 show that regular light massage by someone at home or by a massage therapist can lead to a healthier mental state and reduce leg and back pain. A 20-minute massage by a massage therapist or a 20-minute massage by someone at home. It is enough to reduce anxiety and stress as well as the physical symptoms of pregnancy. This is a very healing treatment for pregnant mothers. Studies have shown that a 15-minute massage every hour can shorten the total time you spend and reduce the amount of action you need.

What is Wood Therapy Contouring?

Wood massage is very helpful for your muscle function. It treats the cells with pressure to break down the stubborn fat cells and cellulite that are naturally removed through your body. Wood Therapy is a natural but effective treatment that uses wood tools to improve body size and proportions while also promoting melding, redefining body contours, reducing cellulite and weight loss.

 Important points:  The benefits of wood therapy, also known as contouring, are similar to those of wood therapy.

Best Wood Therapy Tools

The treatment is done with wooden tools that can be manipulated without causing any severe impact to the tissues. Each device has a specific application for certain areas of the body. This service helps to reduce cellulite while the body is ringing and is very effective in activating the lymphatic system and smoothing out unwanted fat and uneven skin. And Let’s look at some wood massage tools.

Wood Therapy / Maderoterapia Tools

  • Maderoterapia set 5

Maderoterapia set is a type of tool that can massage every part of the body. Especially the back and thighs. Material: Beach wood. Well natural therapy for well-being. 100% natural wood. Hand massage fee – wooden board – 33 cm x 15 cm x 1.5 cm – 13 inch x 5,9 inch x 0,6 Inc. ”

  • Back Massage Tool

If you suffer from back pain in the back of the shoulder, neck, back, spine, waist, etc. and need healing and relief, massage is the perfect massage therapy tool for you. Designed for maximum usability and ease of use, you can now have a professional chiropractor, physiotherapist or massage therapist with your own hands.

  •  Wooden Massager On Rope    

If you often have stab wounds to your shoulders, trembling hands, raised arms, low back pain, inability to sleep on your back and sleepy feet, you may need this hand massage. If you massage with it for a week you will feel less pain.

  •  Wooden Massage Roller Set 3

This product is mainly used for full body massage. It is made of high quality wood. It also helps maintain blood pressure. This is a set of three massagers. It contains a single hand full body massager for good health / wood roller acupressure stress relief and finger and face massage. These are handicraft products made from high quality sheesham wood. These crafts and handmade pieces are finely carved sculptures with practical use

  • Wooden Cup large

Made of beech wood, this massage tool is used to massage various parts of the body, especially the abdomen and thighs. It helps to improve circulation, build muscle, smooth the skin and get rid of cellulite.

  • Wooden Massager curved

New Natural Wood Massage Curve and Round Body Roller Massage Hand Round Thin Roller Massage is a simple massage tool that can be massaged anywhere on the palms and neck.

Best Wood Therapy Kit

If you ask about wood kits, there is a lot of information about this kit. You can now get any type of kits from any country at home. If for some reason you are not aware of this, this article will show you the way to go.

Let’ go for some Tool Kits,

  • Foot Massager Tool Kit

Foot Massager Tool Kit

This kit contains the necessary tools for foot massage. Includes wooden foot file, wooden foot massage and wooden rope back massage. Each item is made of quality Slovenian wood intended for every part of the body. These devices relax the muscles of the foot, as well as relax the mind and promoting blood circulation.

The mostly wooden foot file is perfect for the rough skin of the feet. Therefore Makes blood circulation more intensely active. The pain in your feet is less because you get rid of the tight tissues. Therefore you can walk more easily and have less pain.

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Other benefits from foot massager

The wooden oot massage is perfect for getting rid of the irritating appearance of the feet throughout the day. It is perfect for your relaxation because there are different acupuncture points on the feet and it is good for your overall health. A wooden back rope baser is good if you have pain in the back of the foot or if you are in the same body position all day. It relaxes the back muscles, relaxes the restless muscles and bones. And you will sleep better after using it at night.

  • Wooden Massager For Back

Wood Therapy Kit

Rotating wood has a special finish and comes in three different types that have different effects on the skin of the body. The massage is designed to massage the back as well as the hips. As a Result Massage helps to soothe back fatigue, pain relief.

The back experiences the greatest physical exertion and causes tension in the muscles, shoulder blades and lower back. Back massage restores blood circulation to the tissues, relieves swelling, and evens out the size of the nervous system. Back massage is especially appreciated for its unparalleled relaxing effect.

Therefore ,Here you can bring home these wood treatment kits with the latest technology that will give you the maximum healing.

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What to expect From Wood Therapy 

Be sure to use an experienced doctor as it is a must do for you to try wood therapy. Or you may not receive certified training. It has been proven that people have reported that wooden tools can be painful if the massage therapist has little experience.

However, for this reason, be sure to avoid wood treatment on sensitive areas of your face or body.Because the professional will use a variety of wooden tools. Some of these look very textured or waist-folding cupboards. Others look like a contour shape or bell. A professional uses bells as suction devices. To reap any benefits, you need to be treated several times a week for 3 to 4 months. Some professionals point out that you will need at least 10 to 12 sessions before you can see any results.

Often these sessions combine multiple sculpting techniques and can last 1 hour or more depending on your level of endurance.

Other methods of reducing cellulite

Cellulite has very stubborn moments. But there are proven ways you can try to get rid of it.They include,

  • Coffee scrub or creams containing caffeine. 

Topical treatments alone do not affect the appearance of cellulite as the ingredients they use need to penetrate deep into the skin. Coffee scrubs or creams containing caffeine, when you combine them with massage, temporarily reduce the appearance of cellulite. They do this by stimulating lipolysis, increasing circulation and reducing the skin’s water content.

Topical creams containing retinol With massage, retinol can reduce cellulite by increasing collagen production and thinning the outer layers of the skin. Radiation frequency. Radiation frequency technology provides thermal energy to the inner layer of the skin. It increases tissue temperature, stimulates lipolysis and stimulates collagen production.

  • Acoustic wave therapy.

This non-antibiotic treatment uses pressure waves to pull down the skin and break down the fibrous ligaments in the connective tissue that cause the cells to form.

  • Laser Therapy

There are also several types of laser treatments for cellulite. Laser treatments are indefinite or minimally invasive. They use targeted laser energy to break the fibrous bands under the skin. Some make the skin thicker.

This treatment may be helpful as the skin with cellulite tends to become thinner.

This procedure is available under the brand name Selina. It is a medical procedure performed by a dermatologist who certifies the needles that insert a needle under the skin to break the fibrous skin tissue.

Release these correct tissues with the help of vacuum. A board-certified dermatologist can also be shown to be activating the technique.

The Bottom Line

Wood therapy is an exfoliation of the skin. This massage technique, which uses a variety of wooden tools, is a very effective treatment. However, research has not tested or proven this claim. It helps in lymphatic drainage and reduces the appearance of cellulite.