Yoga For Beginners – The Best Guide 2018

Yoga For Beginners

Yoga is a structured rhythmic body movement doing under prepared time period. Sometimes it is an art. It has the nature of exercises. But, it is not only an exercise. There are various postures in yoga practices. These are called poses. It is mostly practising by healthy individuals to keep their physical mental and social well-being. However, it has the therapeutic or clinical effect too. There are similar practices like yoga worldwide such as Pilates, Thai-Chi Etc. The basic principle of this is to pay attention to your bodily movements while concentrating on your breathing pattern. We can see similar practices in western medicine also. Especially, the Physical therapists are practising some specific yoga poses to encourage healing of muscle involved injuries. But, those are not exactly yoga. Sometimes, there are some modifications. However, it confirms the benefits of yoga in the healing of the diseases or injuries. Next, our target goes to explaining yoga for beginners.

What is the best way to practice yoga for beginners

Most of the people know the availability of something important called yoga. But, a small amount of population is work on it. However, the others also willing to start it. The barrier is the lack of resources. The resources include human, educational and environment factors. There are three main ways to learn yoga. One is under the guidance of an excellent yoga instructor. The other ones are online education or through books and DVDs. The best way is the first one!

If you have an expert instructor for yoga, he will definitely guide you for each and every muscular movement you created using the properties of the system. Then there may be fewer chances to make mistakes. It will not lead you for necessary injuries. And also they can evaluate your breathing pattern and provide instructions to keep a proper rhythm in inhaling and exhaling in accordance with the body movements. These are really helpful in practising yoga.

If you do not have enough human resource to learn this valuable rhythmic movement patterns, you can proceed with an audio-visual aid either Online or Offline. But, make sure to refer them properly before placing your body in certain poses. Otherwise, wrong postures may lead to serious muscle damages or bony misalignments by causing neurological impairments.

Equipment needed in yoga for beginners

You do not need any specially designed expensive equipment in the initial stage of yoga. It is a relaxed procedure. You have to give enough freedom to move your body. This systemic and rhythmic movement will create adequate stretching forces to your muscle tendons. Hence, make sure to wear light and relax outfits. The cloths itself have an effect to improve inner peacefulness. It should not restrict you from the movement pattern.

Other than the outfit, there is one another important thing in yoga. That is a mat. We use mats in each and every exercise programmes to lay down by relaxing our body to do further exercises. In here, you have to have a more comfortable mat than other ones. This is due to needfulness of achieving perfect medication effect through the yoga poses. If it is not supportive for you, it will create discomforts with pain. The experts do not recommend to continue yoga with the muscular or joint aches.

The 3 most effective yoga poses for beginners

  1. Pranayama

In a simple way, this is the practising breathing control while maintaining your back and neck muscular control. It is not an easy task to keep your body coordinated with the breathing pattern. First, you have to rest on a mat with the crossed legs. And keep your body relax. Feel the freedom of inhaling and exhaling. Ones you get used to this it will be easy to adapt for other advanced poses.

  1. Cat and Camel

The Cat and Cow is another name for this pose. As the name implies it represents two main postures of cat and camel. You may also see the cats are always rounding there back by making an upward curve. It is more effective to stretch all the muscles in the back. The camels usually have a downward curve. When you are doing this pose, first, relax on the mat and keep your hand straight below the shoulders and knees under the hips. You have to be in the quadruped position. Keep the back parallel with the floor. Neck also should be in line with the body. This is the starting position.

When you continue with the pose, you have to coordinate with the breathing pattern. You have to come into Cat’s position and full neck bending while taking a deep breath through your nose. Next; breath out through your mouth while you go back to Camel’s position and neck upward movement.

  1. Downward facing dog

This also another basic yoga pose that suits for beginners. The starting position is same as above. Corporate your breathing pattern with the continuation of the pose. First, lift your hips towards the ceiling while straightening your legs and spreading your toes. Your head should be hung in between both the upper limbs. In this posture, practice relaxed breathing through your nose and breath out through your mouth.

Age is not a limiting factor for yoga practices

All the people have their own muscular properties. It can be varied according to age, gender and genetic factors. Any of these factors is not a limitation to practice yoga. Therefore, anyone can do it with the instructions. However, you have to follow special considerations in accordance with your age and any existing muscular injuries.

Special consideration in yoga for elders

The elders or 60+ people are the ones who mostly considerable age group in yoga. Usually, they have poor balance, impaired coordination, fragile bones, low muscle strength and low cardiorespiratory endurance. Hence, the individual wise observation is necessary when practising any of the exercise schedules including yoga. Sometimes, they may not able to perform all the poses due to some existing medical or orthopaedic conditions.

The best time schedules to practice yoga

You can enjoy yoga session at any time in the day. However, the morning or evening time is the best due to the calm and quiet environment of it. The place should be a clean and properly ventilated one by allowing you to take an adequate amount of oxygen during the yoga session. You may have one to three sessions each week. One session may take 40min to two hours.

The Ending

Yoga is the most effective rhythmic exercise programs to be practised by each and every individual in the world. This writing will really help you to start yoga for beginners to know all the necessary aspects of it. We hope to come with more details on the benefits of yoga in next writing. Keep engaging with us!


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