No matter where you are in the world, if you are a married man, love your wife. She knows how to manage your life well. Here are the 100 things I love about my wife. I hope, you will also have a list as similar to me.

  • She looks pretty always

My wife used to wear nice dresses and she always looks pretty. So, I love to see her every morning as a blessing for the day.

  • My wife used to hug me before getting up from the bed

She is very much lovely in the morning. So, she hugs me and passes her blessing before getting up from the bed. It motivates me for a delightful day.

  • She offers a glass of water at the very beginning of the day with a pleasant smile

Since she gets up earlier than me, I used spent a few other minutes on the bed. So, my lovely wife is used to bring a glass of slightly warm water as the first treat of the day.

  • The cup of tea she prepares for me is delicious and healthy

No doubt, my wife always care about my health and happiness. Thus, she treats me a cup of delicious tea prepared by herself. It is something similar to a miracle drink which can motivate every single cell of my body.

  • She always loves gardening

I am very much enthusiastic to keep my surrounding as beautiful as possible. My wife also always appreciating my efforts and she helps me for gardening. It enhances our bond with each other.

  • She addresses me nicely!

Wow! Who else do not like to hear lovely sounds? I am too. So, my wife always used to surprise me with lovely words like “my honey” “darling hubby”. I love it so much.

  • She always talks through eyes when we are in love

My lovely wife is the ever example for girls who talk through their eyes. It can make me mad. And, her elegant eye emotions keep me fresh for the whole day.

  • Love her whispers

When she falls in love, she used to whisper me. The loving words come through the whispering lips make me crazy.

  • Love to listen to her stories

My wife is a nice storyteller. She likes to memorize the old stories under the moonlight for me and my babies. It is so fantastic moment for all of us.

  • She cares for my self

I don’t have a relaxed and calm life-schedule. Since I have lots of office works, I am really a busy man. But, when there is a small break, my wife makes me relaxed with her lovely care. I need it to be happy.

  • She has a pretty smile

My lovely woman has really a fantastic smile even in a difficult life situation. Actually, it can make me happy and motivated to face challenges.

  • My wife has a shiny brownish-black hair

I always wished to have a girl with amazing hair. Thanks, God! You make her mine. I actually love her beautiful hair and how she organized her headdresses for parties, evening gathering and family day outs.

  • She has a life diary

I always appreciate women who manage a diary. I believe they keep track of all the life incidences through it. So, I believe my wife also such well organized women as she maintaining a life diary. Often, she has scheduled our life goals and notes them down on this booklet.

  • She has made a small notice board

Even though it felt like somewhat a troubles thing at first, her small notice board helped me to attend for a family gathering on time. And, it still reminds some sort of small tasks in my daily schedules.

  • She keeps cold water for me

My love knows me well. I like to drink cold water after every meal. Even though she is reminding me it is not that much a healthy habit, she always stores a bottle of water in the refrigerator. 

  • My wife prepares delicious cakes

Since she prepares beautifully decorated and tasty cakes, I can surprise my office staff on every special day. So, it is proud to become a husband of such a clever housewife.

  • She has a well-balanced kitchen store

My pretty wife used to balance all the essentials of the kitchen. So, she never murmurs about shortages of vegetables, spices and all other ingredients which are needed to prepare meals. It helps me to balance the family financial expenses too.

  • Interesting in on and off dinner outs!

She never tries to be a traditional wife. So, she always loves to enjoy dinner outings with me. But, it is not frequent visits. Yet, it makes me satisfied to have dinner for one or two days per month form a reputed restaurant.

  • She knows how to prepare prawns as my mother

I still can memorize the taste of prawn curry prepared by my mother. She knew how to take the real taste of prawns than the chef of a five-star hotel. Wonderfully, my wife is also on the same track.

  • She used to wash bathrooms every night

The bad smell of the bathroom can make us stressful. I believe you may agree with me. But, my wife never let it to smell bad. She has nice tricks to keep it smelly pleasant throughout the day.

  • Keep tracking my health diary

If I say, she knows well about my health than me, it is true.

  • I love the tasty brownies she makes for me

Brownies are one of my favourites. So, it is a pleasure to have the luck to enjoy tasty brownies prepared by my lovely wife. It reduces expenses and also it offers me the chance to enjoy the greater treat.

  • Her fingers look pretty

I love to enjoy the moments she takes my hands. Since her fingers smaller than mines, it looks pretty and her rubs are really smooth to enjoy through the bottom of my heart.

  • She wears the watch I gifted

My pretty girl is always considered to appreciate what I gift her. So, she used to wear the watches I have gifted whenever we are planning a journey.

  • My wife treats my mother

Yep! When my parents visit me, she is enthusiastic to treat them as much as she can. So, the usually left us with happy hearts and lots of tasty treats.

  • She is talkative

I know everyone around us will say she is innocent and silent. But, when she next to me, she cannot shut down her mouth. She has that much to talk with me.

  • My wife knows what will I do next

No matter what is the situation, my amazing girl can guess what I am going to do at next. Sometimes, I wonder how fluent is she when identifying my heart.

  • She prepares nice birthday cards

The wonderful gift I received at every birthday is the alarming card with full of love. Amazingly, she prepares everything by her own hands to surprise me. Yes! It is really a fantastic experience.

  • She likes puddings as the dessert

What a nice experience to share my favourite dessert with my better half. Since she is also fond of having pudding after dinner, we can enjoy our dinner-outs together.

  • She sometimes takes a shot with me

I am not an alcoholic husband. But, we used to celebrate small events together with a delicious wine. Since she used to take a shot (a bit to please my heart), it usually becomes a beautiful day.

  • This girl is fluent in managing finance

Since financial management makes a successful family, my wife is always eager to find tips in managing finance.

  • She treats my friends

Whenever my office gang or friends visit us, I am satisfied with her nice treats. She used to welcome them with warm hugs and she treats them well. So, they love to visit us.

  • My friends believe I am a lucky husband due to my wife

I always receive warm wishes from everyone around me. As they say, I am the luckiest husband in the World.

  • She likes to enjoy the rain

If my holiday is full of rainy clouds, it becomes an unforgettable day. Since she likes to enjoy the sound of water falling when rains, she enjoy the day with me. 

  • She sometimes counts the birds with me

Honestly, I have a beautiful garden. So, there are lots of birds around. So, when we having the evening tea, she used to count the birds with me. Yes! It is wonderful! But, not just due to the relaxation, but, also due to the chance I am getting to know the birds visit my garden.

  • She is sexy!

This sexy pretty girl has made me a lucky man. I love her romantic voice.

  • She sings with me

We used to sing at least a few songs at night. Even though she is not fluent in singing like me, she always supports me to sing well.

  • She is nice

I always feel she is the most beautiful girl in the world. Hence, nothing doubt about believing she is nice for me.

  • She shares everything with my sisters

No fights, no arguments, my wife used to share everything she can with my sisters. So, we can enjoy together.

  • My wife can drive

Since she has got the licence to drive my car, she can visit supermarkets and the pharmacies without me. It eases off my daily burdens.

  • She has gifted me a kid

This is the most amazing gift I received from my wife. He is cute and looks similar to me.

  • Loves cats!

Wow! You may wonder whether a man loves cats. Yes! I don’t. But, still, I love to see how my wife used to cuddle these cute animals. Yet, honestly, I have never cuddle a cat.

  • She prepares the bed for us

At night, I can sleep well in a nicely arranged bed. Wonderfully, every night, she is gifting such a comfortable bed for me.

  • I have a nice pillow cover made by my wife!

This is one of the oldest memory for us. But, I still love it.

  • She has different coloured lip balms

Sometimes, I feel purple is the best matching lip colour for my wife. But, red and pink are also matching for different events.

  • She used to comb my hair

What a fantastic experience it is to have this nice massage. It can relax my heart.

  • She is good at fishing

Even though I have no much time to spend in the home, I used to go fishing at least once a month. My wife is also supporting me to enjoy the day with those experiences.

  • She has curly hair as same as to my mother

I love to see my mothers’ hair through my better half.

  • My little girl is a cute wife

No doubt. I still love her appearance when we are love. So, she maintains it well. I really love her care on herself.

  • She likes to visit the banana cafe

We enjoy our day outs with a delicious fruit juice from the banana cafe.

  • She is fluent in cooking

Yes! She prepares tasty foods for me and my whole family. So, it makes a beautiful day for all of us.

  • My wife is eager to learn new things

Even though she has turned her life chapter into the mothers’ role she is still enthusiastic to learn new concepts. I hope my kids will also follow her track.

  • She has lost of blue coloured clothes

I love to see her in blue. Since she has a range of blue coloured frocks, I always see my dreams through her outlook.

  • She helps me whenever my pocket is empty

My sweet girl never let me suffer from financial issues. She is always there to help whenever I need it.

  • She appreciates my kisses

Amazingly, she used to admire every single moment I spend around her. She is telling me that my kisses can wake up her love. It gives me a feeling of satisfaction.

  • She likes it when I am wearing my towel!

My girl is that much childish and loves me very much. It makes me shy but I like to hear her lovely murmurs to influence me.

  • She always says I am a smart and handsome guy

Since I am caring for my outfit, I love to be smart and handsome. So, I really like her appreciation on behalf of me.

  • My wife changed my beard styles

She has her unique taste on the stylish beard. So, she used to suggest a different kind of styles for my beard. I know, she loves to enjoy my stylish face.

  • She has child-like behaviours for wonders

Since she is wondering like a cute doll even for minor surprises, I really enjoy the moments spend with her. It remembers the days we passed as love birds.

  • She loves to dance

This wonderful habit offers me surprising party times! So, I can enjoy the party with my loving wife.

  • She exercises well

Exercising is part of her lifestyle. Thus, she used to be at the gym or the walking track at least for an hour per day.

  • Good at finding discounted deals supermarket

My wife’s amazing ability to follow deals at the supermarket helps me to minimize the bill value.

  • She pays utility bills on time

Even though I am not good at remembering the bill values and whether we have already billed or not, my wife remembers everything well.

  • She has really kissable red lips

Honestly, her lips are smooth and wet. Hence, there is nothing wrong to say she is kissable.

  • She arranges my clothes well

I am not good at arranging the wardrobe. But, my wife can do it nicely for me.

  • My wife is the strongest women I have seen

No doubt, she can bear anything without losing her confidence. That is why we could be able to have a successful life.

  • She is clever in finding solutions for puzzles

This is a kind of hobby. So, we are enjoying our days by finding solutions to puzzles. Most often, I can not defeat her.

  • I am the hero in her life

I like it when she calls me to overcome the challenges. I feel she treat me like a hero. I love that feeling.

  • She admires my creations

My wife used to admire the christmas tree decorations made by me. Sometimes, she suggests some additions too. Thus, finally, I can create an amazing Xmas tree.

  • She is telling that I am a sexy guy

Her amazing murmurs to my ears says I am sexy. It wakes up my love again and again on behalf of my sweet girl.

  • She knows when I am hungry

My lovely wife can understand when I need something to eat by observing my behaviour. I believe, it is because of her innate love for me.

  • She accepts my treats

When I suggest a journey as a treat for a special event celebration, she accepts it and eagerly ready for the event. It can please my heart.

  • We can enjoy the memories

Since we are friends for longer, we have lots of memories to talk about. Those chats make us happy.

  • My kids love their mom

Since she is a good mother, my kids are loving this girl a lot. Actually, it is enough for me to share my love for my better half.

  • She allows me to operate the washing machine

Since she is busy with household activities, when I am free, I like to help her. The most interesting part of this schedule is operating the washing machine.

  • She knows how to control my emotions

My wife knows how to manage the words or what to say to calm down my self. So, we do not have any fights.

  • I love when she wears sleeveless

As I feel, sleeveless frocks are beautifully fit for her figure.

  • She loves her brother

It memories how my sisters treat me. So, I like to support herself whenever she wanted to treat her family.

  • She likes bears

My wife has a small bear at her bedside. She used to cuddle it for a peaceful warm sleep.

  • She has a pinkish bag!

The small pinkish bag she wears for formal events add some respectable look. I like to enjoy how amazing it is for her.

  • My sweetheart is good at selecting what to eat

When we are out for dinner or lunch, she is clever in exploring the menu. Amazingly, what she selected, at last, can make my mouth watering.

  • She has a beautiful collection of hair clips

Since she likes to decorate her beautiful hair with varying hairstyles, she maintains a beautiful hair clip collection. Wonderfully, she shares everything with others when necessary. So, my sisters also love my wife.

  • She plans my business goals

Sometimes, she has an innate sense over what will happen if I take a wrong decision for an existing business matter. So, whenever I am going to step up for a wrong decision, she stands out and explains the possible consequences. It eases my life challenges too.

  • She has her schedules for family picnics

I know, my lovely wife is eager to travel with me. And, she is arranging a family journey at least once in a month. Definitely, it is a funny experience for me and my kids.

  • She gifts me perfumes

My office gang always says I have a calming smell whenever I pass their workplaces. Definitely, this honour should go to my loving partner.

  • She likes omelette!

Since she is also like to taste the omelette prepared by my self, we can enjoy the meals together. I remember this was the first-ever choice of foods when she expecting my baby.

  • My sweet girl can prepare delicious sandwiches

She knows how to fulfil the hunger and thirst of ourselves to enjoy a delicious club sandwich. So, we do not need to visit a restaurant to enjoy this taste. She can prepare our favourite sandwich at home.

  • She loves my selections

When we go shopping, she let me select the outfits for her.

  • She is good at making decisions

As I noticed so far, she does not end up with wrong decisions, even though I felt those are wrong at first, there are acceptable explanations behind every decision she made.

  • She knows how to clean the fish tank

I forget to mention earlier. She loves to spend the time in front of the fish tank and enjoy their moves. I also enjoy this moment with my lovely partner.  More than all these, I love when she cleans the fish tanks. Yes! She is doing it well.

  • She shares whatever the tasty treats she made with neighbours

Actually, she is a kind-hearted woman. So, she likes to be nice to everyone.

  • She never pushes me to stop snoring

I have heard of many stories which have ended up with divorce cases just due to snoring. But, my wife never let me worry about my night snoring. She tells it never disturb to her dreams.

  • She lets me enjoy her love

Since she is cute and sexy, I love to enjoy her love. She never puts me conditions over making love even on a busy day.

  • She sends me sweet messages

Whenever I am out of the home, she used to remember her love through a short message.

  • She never harms an animal

She always loves everyone. She never harms even for an ant or mosquito.

  • She has a collection of funny videos

I love it because this collection of cartoons can make my baby happy.

  • She is curious about every single change on the surrounding

I believe this is the nature of females. But, it minimizes the possible risks for my family.

  • She knows when to restore the kitchen essentials

Definitely, her understanding of monthly consumption reduces the expenses.

  • She used to apologise first

As I heard, rarely, a woman apologises first. But, she is doing it.

  • She trusts me!

Yes! Otherwise, we cannot come this much a long way. Actually, it is the secret behind our success!

Final bits why I love about my wife…

Actually, she is everything for me. We, together have made a life story. I love it and I wish everyone will receive a love story like me. But, definitely, it is not a single responsibility of one party. Both husband and wife should bear this in mind. So, these minor but wonderful 100 things I love about my wife will make a positive change in your life. I wish so!