No Feelings No Ideas No Emotional. Then Get Start to dream.

During the life day-to-day we have seen lot of incidents. Some are especial some are emotional some are giving
strength and some are feeling bored. But all are giving lessons for life. Especially we can change it as a lesson. A
doctor can treat a patient very well. A poet can create a poem creatively. A teacher can teach cleverly. Because all
are specializing to their professional.

Need to a specializing for DREAM.

Sometime we stopped on a situation no feelings no idea and no happiness. That’s the point we need to dream.
Dreams are giving Passion to breathe. Feel to happy. Hope to Live.
Dreams are more important to life. If your dreamer, it is the 1st step your goals. We can’t Give passion in Life without
Dream. Are you a special person? Is it so. You’re the good dreamer.

Don’t give up any situation. Life gives more chances to success. All persons can’t be success in one way.
We all have our own passion. We need to use it. work on it. Dream it.

Then You can change your Life. Passion.

Be a Good Dreamer.

Author : Shamini Soyza