5 Salient characteristics of an SUV

Sport utility vehicles (SUVs), formerly regarded as a status symbol of the wealthy, are now among the most common types of cars on American roadways, with more than 50% of American households having at least one. Nearly 60% of all new car sales in the United States in 2020 were SUVs. 

Due to their versatility, SUVs are popular since they can be used for both work and adventure. However, you can enjoy the quality of the SUV only when you choose the right one. So, going for well-reputed ones like the buick dealer in riverside is always wise as an SUV demands a significant investment. 

Choosing a reputed brand will guarantee many beneficial features that will make the driving experience hassle-free. This article deals with the salient characteristics of an SUV.

Read further to know about them.

High engine capacity 

An engine having a significant displacement is said to have a high capacity. Its internal volume is intended to be larger than other engines in its class. Because of this, these engines can produce more power by holding more fuel and air. 

It will enable the engine to generate greater power and torque while maintaining a lower rev limit than a smaller engine. A larger engine would often have a higher redline and be able to sustain its power output for a more extended time than a smaller engine. Increased performance and fuel economy are benefits of a high engine capacity. 

All-wheel drive 

Most SUVs have an all-wheel drive system, which provides power to all four wheels. It is a crucial feature for many car buyers, especially those who reside in urban regions with a lot of snow and ice. 

Driving in sloppy weather can be made easier with all-wheel drive. It also improves handling and instills more confidence in the driver. There are several varieties of all-wheel drive, and each has its benefits.

High ground clearance 

Any SUV’s capabilities must be maximized. Hence it must have high ground clearance. The SUV can navigate obstacles on and off the road more readily, thanks to its high ground clearance. 

It is crucial when navigating rocky terrain since a vehicle with a low ground clearance could get trapped. A high ground clearance offers more protection to the SUV’s underbody, lowering the risk of damage when navigating difficult roads.

Longer wheelbase 

More extended-wheelbase SUVs offer a smoother ride, more stability in turns at higher speeds, and more hauling power. In recent years, SUVs have become more popular as people look for cars that provide more space and versatility than sedans. The larger wheelbase of an SUV is one of the main characteristics that contribute to its greater comfort and utility. 

A longer wheelbase offers several benefits regarding riding comfort, interior room, and towing capacity. To appeal to this expanding market segment, manufacturers have focused more on providing models with longer wheelbases as SUVs have grown in popularity.

High-seating position 

SUVs have elevated seats that give the driver a better view of the road and other traffic. It can be a significant safety benefit, particularly when driving in cities. Additionally, SUV drivers benefit from better rear sight, making collisions easier to avoid.
Thus, these are the top characteristics of an SUV. Ensure you go to reputed dealers like the buick dealer in riverside to own an SUV with all the above-said features. Stay aware of low-cost traps to obtain nothing in the name of the SUV. Check and confirm the presence of all the above features and choose a quality one for yourself. You can do it by taking the SUV for a test drive