5 Uses For Drum And Barrel Pumps

Multiple applications that span several industries and sectors require a safe way to transfer liquids from one container to another. These transfers can involve harsh acids, chemicals, or viscous liquids that require special handling with the use of heavy-duty pumps. Technicians or operators rely on these reliable barrel pumps for completing such tasks.

Some of the applications are especially suitable when it comes to using drum and barrel pumps. The innovative designs of such pumps create an efficient and effective solution for these applications:

1. Portable Systems

Drum and barrel pumps are the best when it comes to portable-pumping systems. From transferring small amounts of liquid into containers to pumping entire plating tanks, the drum and barrel pump provides high performance and versatility in an easy-to-move, portable package.

They are also lightweight which makes them a preferable choice when it comes to moving from one application to the next. An AC-powered drum pump doesn’t require complicated switch gears or a supply of high-voltage power. All that is needed is a regular power outlet and your drum pump is ready for action. The air-powered units use airlines that are smaller when compared to many other types of air-driven applications.

2. Easy To Use

With the drum and barrel pumps, a pump tube is inserted into the liquid and you can instantly start pumping. When the task is completed, extract the tube and residual liquids inside the tube will drain, which means there won’t be any trapped fluids. This also allows for an easy way to rinse the pump so that it is ready for your next application.

Drum and electric barrel pumps are easy to move from one location to the next in the same plant environment. Yet, they are also perfect for chemical-delivery small-batch use. They are also very powerful considering their size. This provides a way to efficiently and quickly transfer from barrels/drums or totes/IBCs mounted in a vehicle to your customer’s storage containers on-site.

The drum and barrel pump is suited to an array of applications, including anodizing and plating to water treatment to AdBlue/DEF, to beverage and food applications with units that are constructed out of FDA-compliant materials.

3. Fast Transfers

When aspects of any operation are completed more efficiently and quickly, it is a benefit for a business. The delivery head and high flow of the drum and barrel pump provide a way for operators to transfer fluids quickly. This can increase the daily deliveries made, boost production when it comes to the product, and improve the capability to quickly fulfil orders.

These advantages can become a game changer for the companies that harness the benefits of what the drum and barrel pump can do. By offering fast transfers, these devices are highly efficient offering a way to take an operation to a more productive level.

4. The Transfer Of Harsh Chemicals

Most applications will require a heavy-duty solution to handle highly corrosive and harsh substances in a safe manner. When it comes to transferring chemical substances, it is vital that the equipment used can stand up to these tasks. The correct drum and barrel pump can move corrosives and acids from one container to another. This is vital when it comes to mitigating risks, maintaining safety standards, and minimizing pump repairs.

Potential applications often include wastewater and water treatment, electronics, electroplating, aquariums, chemical distribution, steel processing, odour control, and more.

5. Noise Reduction

The drum and barrel pump provides a portable and compact solution for many applications where noise levels are a concern. When compared to other technologies, the low-decibel levels, make the transfer of liquids less disruptive. Most of the models also include variable-speed motors, which means speed reductions can further decrease the dBA level.