Now digital product design companies are gaining popularity very confidently.  And this is because mobile versions of all versions generate about half of all traffic on the Internet.  Accordingly, there was a need to create a beautiful design.  Therefore, today we will look at the basic rules that need to be adhered to during design.

1. Screen size matters

The main feature of the screens of mobile devices is their small size.  It may sound trite, but it is necessary to remember this.  Mobile editors and services like Wix are at your disposal.  They allow you to see how the site will look on different screen sizes.  Do not be lazy to double-check and make sure that the design has not turned into chaos.

2. Information must be accessible

Remember that a mobile site is created for those who use the Internet not in the most comfortable conditions: on public transport, halfway to your office or store.  Make viewing information as easy as possible – use large text, easy-to-read fonts, display information with pictures, create a user-friendly navigation menu, and add buttons for quick communication.

Don’t make your visitors “hunt” for up-to-date information on a small screen — address, opening hours, contacts, or other relevant data for your business should be easily accessible.

3. Minimalism is your everything

We know exactly what your mobile users don’t like – scrolling.  Small screen, awkward scrolling with your fingers, which makes it easy to miss something important to one awkward movement – minimize this.

Remove everything unnecessary from the mobile version – bulky text blocks (for example, company history) and pictures.  If you want to correctly display voluminous material, it is best to divide it into blocks and place it on separate pages.

4. Remember touch screens

Almost all smartphones and tablets are equipped with touch screens, so a mobile site should be easy to use with gestures.

Users navigate from section to section by clicking on the buttons, so make them big and visible, use the drop-down menus, – check the device manufacturers guidelines for information on the recommended touch-area size, and be touch-friendly.

Most users come to your site to get the information they need as quickly as possible.  However, do not ignore the needs of those who have more time and want to learn more about your company, products or services.

Don’t create 404 pages just for a mobile site.  Redirect the user to similar pages in the main version, if any.  And don’t forget to link to the main site in the contacts or product pages for more details.

6. Use additional options

It all depends on the needs of your business: social media buttons, the ability to get a discount using a QR code instead of standard coupons, or built-in applications can be useful.  For example, if using the desktop version of your site, users ordered services, made purchases or checked the event calendar – scale and transfer these options to the mobile version.

If you need more complex and specific functionality for mobile devices, such as games, delivery tracking, user personal data management, etc. – it is better to develop a separate mobile application, which we will discuss in detail in our next materials.

7. Place your call to action correctly

If your ultimate goal is sales, and you want to add a call to action to your site, consider how best to place it on different types of mobile pages.  It should be perfectly readable, and therefore the standard bottom-right position may not work.  Try to harmoniously fit the necessary calls and buttons in the upper left part.

However, when it comes to calls to action, don’t be too intrusive.  In the mobile version, pop-ups, helpers, and too insistent invitations to download an application or purchase a product look annoying.

Of course, these are far from all the tricks that can improve the efficiency of a mobile site.  However, by making sure that the minimum required requirements for mobile design are met, you will get a working solution.

And to make your life easier, you can ask for help from a professional company, which will do everything for you!