How to Hire an AI Developer

What is artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) is an innovative IT technology with which you can create complex computer programs that simulate human thinking.

In structure, each such program resembles the human brain – its different elements perform the same functions as neurons of the nervous system:

* analyze huge amounts of disparate information (text, images, video, audio);

* find patterns and connections in data sets;

* draw conclusions, make decisions;

* apply the results obtained, exclude previous errors in subsequent operations.

The bottom line is that with the help of programming languages and mathematical calculations, you can create a program that repeats thought processes: synthesis, generalization, abstraction, comparison, etc. At the same time, it not only processes information, but also takes into account past experience, that is, it learns, we can say that it acts wisely. We recommend you this company, because they just incredible in programming – hire AI developers.

With the help of artificial intelligence, you can develop

* voice assistant or chatbot;

* data processing system (natural language (NLP) or face recognition):

* speech/voice, text recognition;

* computer vision (analysis and interpretation of video and photo images);

* tools for medical diagnostics: AI-screening (discognition of pathologies), AI-monitoring of patient safety.

Artificial Intelligence is used for analytics and forecasting, optimization of production and supply. It can be used to control safety precautions, downtime of people and technicians, detect fraud and theft. The use of artificial intelligence technologies is relevant for retail, e-commerce, media, marketing, finance, crypto trading, agriculture and other industries.

How artificial intelligence will help business

* reduction of staff costs and costs;

* increasing employee productivity;

* improving the quality of business processes;

* improving the reliability of infrastructure and optimizing its operating costs.

AI also helps businesses to establish communication with customers and stand out among competitors. Do you want to take the quality of a product or service to a new level? Tell us about your idea and we will help you create a smart product for you.

The near future of programming is to create products based on artificial intelligence technologies, manage them and introduce them to other industries. To be on the wave of changes that will occur in the industry, I recommend combining improvement in programming with the study of related areas:

* To study fundamental mathematics (linear algebra, formal logic, automata theory and other sections of discrete mathematics) as a methodology of symbolic calculations. This knowledge will help you better understand how artificial intelligence works.

* Study such applied fields of knowledge as linguistics (it is necessary to understand how communication in natural language works), psychology (this will help to understand how thinking works) and biochemistry (to study what “iron” underlies consciousness and processes of thinking and communication). We recommend you this hire Big Data developers.

* To study modern achievements, methods and techniques related to artificial intelligence: artificial neural networks, machine learning, natural language processing, symbolic computing, etc.